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With my lost saints

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  1. Avatar Jayne Sheafer says:

    Rachel, what a beautiful article. So very many of us are, have or will be going through a similar struggle. Thanks for reminding me of our sure and certain hope.

  2. Rachel,
    My mother, Patricia Lemmermann, had the dual disease blast of Alzheimer’s and stage-3 ovarian cancer. All 5 of her children were with her throughout her journey, and she witnessed to us so many times. At one point, on a particularly bad day, when Mom seemed to sense my unease at her situation, she had a lucid moment and reminded me to Let God take care of it, and trust in the LORD. When she reached the verge of Jordan early on June 25th of this year, she took her last breath and the LORD moved her to her heavenly rest. Praise God! He gives us the victory in Christ Jesus! God bless and comfort you!

  3. Avatar Michelle Noel says:

    The older I get — and the more people I lose to death in Christ — the more real Heaven becomes to me. It feels like a city where my beloved friends and family have moved and I have never visited. Yet, as I age, the certainty within me grows that I will one day move there as well. And so I look forward to my eternal citizenship to come!