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  1. Avatar Sue says:

    My Mom had a similar experience when my Dad died while they were on vacation, 130 miles away. Dad was only 59, and was having a 3rd major heart attack. She asked us to call several people, including our pastor. He gave us the number of the pastor in the town they were in. He and his wife dropped everything and went to the hospital. They spent over 4 hours with her, while waiting for my brother and me to arrive, only leaving about 15 minutes before they got there because, as she said, she “kicked them out”! Because they had to work in the morning and by now it was nearly 1 am. They were the right people at the right time. They had both lost their previous spouses to death. And just a few months ago, I realized from an off-hand comment that this retired pastor and his wife who has belonged to my church for a few years now, were that same couple. And he has now gone to glory, only 2 weeks ago. Our whole family has always appreciated what they did.