The five most pressing needs of pastors

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  1. Avatar Robert M Bjornstad says:

    One of the greatest discoveries of my ministry was the joy of serving on various boards and commissions within the community. On the library board or on the School Board ( I was elected), I got to know many wonderful people; and gained a different sense of value from the secular arena.

  2. So well written. We must pray daily for our pastors and their families because it truly is a most difficult time for them but a blessed calling . We as members of the church body must uphold them and help them do their jobs by serving in our churches with and alongside them. There is much to do yet so few to do the work The time is now They wait for us to walk along and service His people until the day comes when Jesus claims us as His own

  3. Avatar Jeff Hemingway says:

    Didn’t have numbers 1, 4, or 5 in my pastoral experience. Doxology came a little late for me but is time well spent.

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