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  1. Avatar John J. Flanagan says:

    Looking at this summary of the convention as an ordinary Lutheran sitting in the pews, I can’t help but conjecture that the Synod today is undergoing some turmoil under the surface, where pastors are debating and disagreeing on how to move forward in these modern times. There are those who want changes made, in everything from the Liturgy to the worship service, while others are more traditional and striving to retain the old ways. In the process, one wonders how the Lutheran identity will play out over time.
    As an observer, I have no authority or special knowledge of the issues facing the Synod, but it seems to me that there is less unity, and too much automony. If I were to make one suggestion…it would be to get rid of the contemporary worship first. I have attended some that were good, but also went to one this past year as I visited an LCMS church in another area. It was troubling indeed. So much drama, too much entertainment, too focused on the congregation’s need for self expression. This same church had a wonderful traditional service and Liturgy, but the contemporary service was terrible. Is this where we are today? No wonder even Lutherans in the pews wonder what a Lutheran is supposed to believe.
    The Synod needs to focus on sermons teaching the Bible, Lutheran distinctives, and retaining the Liturgy, while eliminating the contemporary worship style, and the casual nature it embraces. Beyond preaching the word of God, singing hymns of praise, the rest is just fluff.
    Soli Deo Gloria, Waremest regards, John J. Flanagan