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Thanks, Herb!

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  1. Avatar Rev. Tom Wenndt says:

    I had noticed a few weeks back – without any notice or fanfare – that Dr. Mueller was not on the nominating ballot for 1st Vice-President this time around. Obviously that is a separate issue from his recent health struggles. Still, earnest prayer and thanksgiving for him had begun before I even knew of what seemed to be a most grim diagnosis. But our Savior still brings grace upon grace. Whether or not his health will allow him to join us down here in Tampa for the convention, I pray that we take at least some time at convention to give heartfelt thanks for all he has done and meant to our church body. While he undoubtedly will view himself as nothing more than a sinner in need of the forgiveness offered through His Savior, Jesus Christ, we have all benefited from his faithfulness and dedication. God bless him and his family!

  2. Avatar Rev. Dr. Charles Cortright says:

    Rev. Dr. Herb Mueller headed my colloquy committee with kindness, thoroughness, and Christian fidelity to both this candidate and the church he has served for so long. He will always have my thanks and gratitude. May our Lord bless him and his family in this period of recuperation with the peace of Christ!

  3. Avatar Rev. David Stout says:

    I thank the Lord for Dr. Mueller’s gracious kindness to me when I entered the ministerium by colloquy. He is in my prayers and will always have my appreciation.

  4. Avatar Pastor Steven Hicks says:

    Rev. Dr. Mueller and I have met a couple of times and I have always found him to be one of the most upstanding Christian men that I ever met.
    I thank him for being a thoughtful leader and calming influence as he lead me through my Colloquoy interview. Something I will always remember as a proud and God blessed day in my life.
    Prayers on your recovery my brother in Christ! Get better so that you can enjoy the next part of your life in retirement.

  5. Avatar Jason Kiefer says:

    Pastor Herb (because he has such a kind, pastoral heart) graciously served our Lay Deacon Task Force and brought such calm and level reasoning. It was my privilege to to work along side Dr. Mueller as our group wrestled with challenges to conduct appropriate ministry. He is a blessing to our church. May the Lord bless you with a well earned retirement.

  6. Avatar Russell Thurman says:

    I knew Vice President Mueller as Herbie when he was my suite mate at Concordia Ann Arbor..
    I had the great opportunity to spend some time with his Mom& Dad and the rest of his family at their home. I will never forget those times.
    I am very grateful to God for his becoming the first vice president and I am grateful that God has granted him rest with his family .
    In spite of the business of his office and of the burden of prayer that is upon him he took the time out to minister to me when I had the same kind of aneurysm in my heart and the same size as he did .