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  1. Avatar Jen says:

    How interesting that this article popped up when it did. I literally finished paying bills (online) about 5 minutes ago. Upon doing so and balancing my checkbook — yes, a paper check register — I realized that usually the only thing I am writing out checks for is the offering at church. I thought to myself that perhaps we should have the convenience of giving our offering via credit cards. However, then what would I do when the plate is passed? …nod and pass it on without adding anything? That would feel odd. I truly appreciate when our pastor lifts up our first fruits to God, which gives me opportunity to pray for those gifts to do His will.

  2. Avatar Jim Haack says:

    I’m an LCMS Pastor. I appreciate this thoughtful article, and would agree with it 100% until a few months ago, when a fellow LCMS Pastor shared another insight with me. He said that automatic withdrawal giving, when done with the right Gospel-centered attitude, demonstrates a desire to place a high priority on faithful, regular, first-fruits giving. It also ensures that the weekly offering is given when a person misses church due to sickness, bad weather, or out-of-town commitments. And I would add that the physical act of giving can still be practiced even when one gives electronically. They are not mutually exclusive.

  3. Avatar Kim says:

    Pastor Haack I appreciate your point of view and have done this for our giving for the past 3 years. it is still odd when the plate is passed, but doing it through automatic transfer means it is always my first fruits and never just my leftovers. It also means my offering is collected even when I miss or church is canceled due to snow and ice in our midwest location!