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Let’s be who we are

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  1. Avatar Linda Shankel says:

    I don’t know how anyone could say it better! Stay strong! Praying for you every day. The devil is extremely busy these days.

  2. Avatar Simon Mackenzie says:

    Thanks for having the courage to be who you are, a child shaped and formed by the grace and love of God.

  3. Avatar Trish Aamoth says:

    Thank the Good Lord for a courageous leader in these times! Pray He will continue to strengthen and guide you to say what needs to be said!

  4. Avatar Sue Stone says:

    I agree with all written by Pres. Harrison and I would add that the past Synodical Convention, from my understanding, supported God’s Order of Creation (which is so very important) by adopting a resolution that women not be included on the altar during the service. Unfortunately, feminism has taken hold of even our Godly women of the Synod; this is still a problem. I hope women will believe with their heart what God has told us and step back from the mens’ work.

  5. Avatar Rob Taylor says:

    Well said! Those have always been my thoughts as well.

  6. Avatar Kirsten Pratt says:

    Simply wonderful! Thank you dear President Harrison! As laity it is so good to hear these points laid out again and again.

  7. Avatar Barbara Collins says:

    So refreshing. Anything goes is not freedom. Freedom lives in the truth. Born Lutheran but currently United Methodist (long story). I see my days there are very short due to their lurch to the left – and the February vote won’t be the last left turn. Unfortunately, there is not a LCMS in our part of town.

  8. Avatar Stu Schwarzer says:

    A superb statement of who we are and need to be. Thank you, Pastor/President Harrison!

  9. Avatar Mary Lou Ayres says:

    It shall be so. Prayers for convention, delegates, pastors, synodical leaders and especially you as president that God will bless the task before you. We know He is with you.