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Breaking the back-sitting Lutheran

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  1. Avatar Mike Hahn says:

    I’m a life long Lutheran. Spot on humorous article. I don’t understand why we, as Lutheran’s, just don’t put 4 pulpits in the sanctuary. 🤔

  2. Avatar Rick says:

    We ALWAYS sit in the 2nd pew FROM THE FRONT. We like it there!

  3. Avatar Kim Kanieck says:

    I was very disappointed to get to the last paragraph only to discover your answer to this problem is to project one holographic image around. Really? That’s the solution to this problem? I was really looking for a valid way to change this habit of many Lutherans. This was a waste of time. Next time I’ll have to search a bit harder for the one tiny little word “Satire’ at the bottom of the page, to keep that from happening.

  4. Avatar Tamara Marshall says:

    I was baptized and attened Wisconsin Synod Church and schools. When my husband and I had our son we wanted him to attend a Lutheran School. Which led us to a our church. A Missouri Synod Church and blessing for our family. Growing up my family would sit middle to the back. Unfortunately today I am one who prefers to sit in the back. I have Parkinson’s and my tremor becomes worse at rest. Plus I try to take notes. The last thing I want to do is have my pen fly and hit someone! A bit of humor! I never liked to attract attention. The Lutheran back pew format has been going on for years. I recall my grandparents telling me at one time men and women sat on opposite sides! We have come a long way. I think the most important thing is to see the pews filled. Concerts and Broadway shows are packed and look how people scramble for the front row. I pray that the church will see this kind of attendance.

  5. Avatar Bernadine Beckers says:

    Oh, yes! The motto of the Lutheran church is: “Come early and get a back seat”.

  6. As our congregation ages, many sit up front to hear better.

    1. Avatar Marti Parsons says:

      Amen Mari!! I had to find the best place for my hearing aids and it is second row on the right! Also much more convenient when I read scripture.

  7. Avatar Sandra King says:

    Like all families with small children sat in the back rows. Hubby was usher and sat away from us with the other ushers. When oldest son became upset because he couldn’t see the Baptism one Sunday we allowed him to choose our seats the next Sunday. Of course we were led to the second pew on the right. We have continued to sit there for the last 54 years. (The only worry was would I stand up and sit down at the proper time. 🙂 )

  8. Avatar Gloria says:

    I saw a cartoon recently where the pastor advertised charging stations in the first 3 rows of pews

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