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  1. Avatar Paul K says:

    Regarding “fathers who will catechize their children,” I am persuaded that a Christian father admirably fulfills his responsibilities for his children’s religious upbringing when he weekly worships with them and sees to it that they are taught, confirmed, and given opportunities to serve. Praise God for the faithful fathers who do that much!

    If catechizing at home is to be encouraged, where is the comprehensive guidance as to when, how and for how long to best teach children of different ages, and coordinate the instruction at home with the instruction provided at church and school?

    1. Avatar Pr. Hemmer says:

      Great question. Start by talking to your pastor. Then, use the simple form of the catechism, as Luther suggests, “As the head of the family should teach it to his household.” Teach children to memorize the text before you teach the meaning. And let the weekly readings guide your weekly instruction. You might also find a resource like Treasury of Daily Prayer (or the PrayNow app) useful). Catechizing falls first to fathers, not pastors, but work with your pastor. Consider him a resource.