In Memoriam (January 2018)


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BENSON, KENNETH HERMAN REV., April 20, 1925, Coronado, Calif., to September 28, 2017, Hebron, Neb.; son of Clarence and Ruth (Herfurth) Benson; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1949. Served 1949-1987.  Ministries/Parishes: Molalla, Ore.; Detroit, Wayland, Grandville, Mich.; Los Angeles, Calif.; Union, Ill.; Hebron, Neb.; Janesville, Minn.  Retired 1987.  Survivors: Virginia Van Dyke; sons: Steven, Peter; daughters: Bonita Clark, Bethany Morgan. Cremation.

BERNDT, JUAN G. REV., May 11, 1925, Colonel Suarez, Argentina, to October 18, 2017, Forest Park, Ill.; son of Markus and Maria (Zimmermann) Berndt; graduated Buenos Aires Seminary 1950. Served 1951-1996.  Ministries/Parishes: Misiones, Argentina; Vina Del Mar, Valparaiso, Chile; Laredo, Texas; River Forest, Ill.  Retired 1996.  Preceded in death by his wife Erma (Beckmann) Berndt and sons Ronny and Cristian.  Survivors: son: Geraldo; daughters: Ursula Abresch, Cordula MacDonald. Funeral: October 23, 2017, Melrose Park, Ill.; Interment: October 23, 2017, Forest Park, Ill.

CARDARO, ROBERT GASPER REV., July 11, 1930, New Orleans, La., to October 5, 2017, Pearland, Texas; son of Peter Sr. and Anna (Frank) Cardaro; graduated Springfield Seminary 1957. Served 1957-2004.  Ministries/Parishes: Hillsboro, Rosharon, Texas; Panorama City, Calif.; Salida, Colo.; Gulf Breeze, Pensacola, Fla.; Olmstead, Ill.  Retired 2004.  Graveside Service and Inurnment: October 20, 2017, Houston, Texas.

CAROW, ALBERT H. REV., September 6, 1922, Portland, Ore., to October 21, 2017, Forest Grove, Ore.; son of William and Emma (Miller) Carow; graduated Springfield Seminary 1952. Served 1953-1987.  Ministries/Parishes: Hanno, Japan; St. Charles, Mo.; Forest Grove, Ore.  Retired 1987.  Preceded in death by his wife Madeline (Unterschultz) Carow and daughter Mary Lou.  Survivors: son: Philip; daughter: Ann Kullberg.  Funeral: November 11, 2017, Forest Grove, Ore.

CHADWICK, ROBERT LESLIE REV., September 12, 1924, Saginaw, Mich., to September 30, 2017, Grand Blanc, Mich.; son of Paul and Berthe (Lamorette) Chadwick; colloquy 1983. Served 1984-1993.  Ministry/Parish: Detroit, Mich.  Retired 1993.  Preceded in death by his wife Doris Chadwick.  Survivors: son: Wayne; daughters: Carol Barrera, Susan French.  Funeral and Interment: October 4, 2017, Grand Blanc, Mich.

CHITTICK, BARR TURNER JR. REV., March 3, 1954, to September 23, 2017, Cortez, Colo.; son of Barr Sr. and Mary (Srnesky) Chittick; graduated Ft. Wayne Seminary 1987. Served 1987-2017.  Ministries/Parishes: Waterville, Maine; Willowick, Ohio; Punta Gorda, Fla.; Cortez, Colo.  Retired 2017.  Preceded in death by his wife Trudy (Miller) Chittick.  Survivors: sons: Gavin, Rev. Aaron, Joshua.  Memorial Service and Interment: September 30, 2017, Cortez, Colo.

COYNER, EDWIN LESLIE REV., April 29, 1915, Waynesboro, Va., to September 17, 2017, Clinton, Miss.; son of Hubert and Mary (Wine) Coyner; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1939. Served 1940-1982.  Ministries/Parishes: Memphis, Tenn.; Enid, Miami, Covington, Okla.; Vicksburg, Miss.; New Orleans, La.  Retired 1982.  Preceded in death by his wife Fannie (Herman) Coyner and son Edwin Jr.  Survivors: daughters: Judith Nohra, Natalie Petry, Mary Legendre, Cheryl Honoree.  Funeral and Interment: September 22, Clinton, Miss.

DOERR, DALE DIETRICH REV., July 10, 1936, Creighton, Neb., to October 21, 2017, Burlington, Kan.; son of George and Hattie (Machmueller) Doerr; graduated Springfield Seminary 1969. Served 1969-1998.  Ministries/Parishes: Aliceville, Burlington, Iola, Kan.; Superior, Neb.; Kansas District Circuit Visitor 1988, 1990-1994.  Retired 1998.  Preceded in death by his son Timothy.  Survivors: Luanne (Horst) Doerr; son: Darwin.  Funeral and Interment: October 28, 2017, Burlington, Kan.

HEIDORN, NORMAN WALTER REV., April 15, 1926, Blue Earth, Minn., to October 14, 2017; son of Rev. Walter and Emma (Rittmueller) Heidorn; graduated Springfield Seminary 1952. Served 1952-1989.  Ministries/Parishes: Jamison, Burton, Neb.; Trimont, Mankato, Minn.; Minnesota South District Circuit Visitor 1991-1997.  Retired 1989. Preceded in death by his wives Jean (Gudahl) Heidorn and Doris (Durke) Heidorn.  Survivors: sons: Gregory, Jon; daughter: Elizabeth.  Funeral: October 18, 2017, Mankato, Minn.

KLEIN, BRADLEY JAY REV., February 5, 1962, Denver, Colo., to September 13, 2017, Brighton, Colo.; son of Elvin and Betty (Busing) Klein; graduated St. Louis Seminary 2005. Served 2005-2017.  Ministries/Parishes: Maspeth, Hollis Hills, N.Y.; Brighton, Englewood, Colo.  Survivors: sons: Nathanial, Jordon.  Funeral: September 15, 2017, Arvada, Colo.; Interment: September 15, 2017, Yuma, Colo.

LAU, DONALD W. REV., May 28, 1920, Ashton, S.D., to August 31, 2017, Minneapolis, Minn.; son of Julius and Elsie (Haase) Lau; graduated Thiensville Seminary 1945. Served 1945-1984.  Ministries/Parishes: Amboy, Minneapolis, Minn.  Retired 1984.  Preceded in death by his wife Lucille (Oestreich) Lau and son Joel.  Survivors: sons: Steven, Philip, David.  Funeral: September 12, 2017, Minneapolis, Minn.

LEDOGAR, WALTER ALAN REV., May 21, 1938, Newark, N.J., to September 20, 2017, Orland Park, Ill.; son of Walter and Helen (Stumpf) Ledogar; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1964. Served 1965-2017.  Ministry/Parish: Orland Park, Ill.  Preceded in death by his wife Carol (Crane) Ledogar.  Survivors: sons: Mark, Paul.  Call to Glory Service and Interment: September 30, 2017, Orland Park, Ill.

LEWIS, LAWRENCE ALEXANDER REV., March 22, 1939, Detroit, Mich., to October 11, 2017, Apple Valley, Calif.; graduated Springfield Seminary 1968. Served 1968-1993.  Ministries/Parishes: San Fernando, Apple Valley, Calif.  Retired 2004.  Preceded in death by his daughter Rachel.  Survivors: Celeste (Neipp) Lewis; sons: Christian, Matthew, Joel, Aaron, Martin; daughters: Celeste, Shannon.  Funeral: October 23, 2017, Apple Valley, Calif.

MEISSNER, ALVIN GILBERT REV., November 17, 1933, Cranfills Gap, Texas, to October 24, 2017, Round Rock, Texas; son of Albert and Flora (Viertel) Meissner; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1958. Served 1958-1995.  Ministries/Parishes: Selma, Ala.; Nigeria, West Africa; Azle, Anderson, Belton, Texas.; Texas District Circuit Visitor 1991-1996.  Retired 1995.  Survivors: Dorothy (Williams) Meissner; daughters: Marcia, Rebecca, Miriam, Rachel.  Funeral: October 28, 2017, Georgetown, Texas; Interment: October 26, 2017, Aleman, Texas.

OHLDE, CARROLL DEAN REV., October 20,1942, Clay Center, Kan., to October 17, 2017, Kansas City, Kan.; son of Albert and Freida (Rosehorst) Ohlde; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1968. Served 1968-1977, 1981-2008.  Ministries/Parishes: Portland, Ore.; Normal, Springfield, Ill.; Topeka, Kan.  Retired 2008.  Survivors: Susan (Krieshok) Ohlde; son: Jonathan; daughter: Kirsten; step-sons: Benjamin, Aaron, Gabriel.  Funeral and Interment: October 20, 2017, Topeka, Kan.

OPSAHL, BRUCE H. REV., January 22, 1925, Appleton, Wis., to October 9, 2017, Belleville, Pa.; son of Peter and Caroline (Bruchs) Opsahl; graduated Springfield Seminary 1952. Served 1952-1989.  Ministries/Parishes: Shelton, Poole, Neb.; Flemington, N.J.  Retired 1990.  Preceded in death by his wife Violet (Blank) Opsahl.  Survivors: sons: Mark, Douglas, Paul, Thomas, Martin; daughter: Elizabeth Rhoades.  Funeral and Interment: October 14, 2017, Flemington, N.J.

REDIEHS, ROBERT E. REV., June 10, 1933, Hinsdale, Ill., to August 15, 2017, Timonium, M.D.; son of Ernest and Lucille (Nottmeyer) Rediehs; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1958. Served 1963-1964, 1971-2013.  Ministries/Parishes: Farmington, St. Paul, Minn.; Elgin, Danville, Ill.  Retired 2013.  Survivors: Martha (Boriack) Rediehs; son: Christopher; daughters: Cathy Schaefer, Jan Kiehne.  Memorial Service: August 26, 2017, Lutherville, Md. Cremation.

WENDLAND, LELAND J. REV., September 18, 1931, Arapahoe, Neb., to October 3, 2017, Boring, Ore.; son of Emil and Laura (Riepe) Wendland; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1957. Served 1957-2000.  Ministries/Parishes: Murdo, Draper, Edgemont, Igloo, Chamberlain, Minot, S.D.; Fredericktown, Gravelton, Mo.; Helena, Boulder, Mont.; Santa Clara, Clackamas, Portland, Ore.; El Cajon, Calif.  Retired 2000.  Survivors: Loraine (Schmitt) Wendland; sons: Kevin, Jerome, Joel; daughters: Beth, Karen, Stephanie, Jennifer.  Funeral: October 7, 2017, Damascus, Ore.


MARTY, ROBERT E., August 17, 1933, Columbus, Neb., to October 24, 2017, Yuma, Ariz.; son of Gustav and Rosa (Loseke) Marty; graduated Seward 1955. Served 1955-1995.  Schools/Ministries: Ogallala, Neb.; Stockton, Fair Oaks, Fremont, Calif.  Retired 1995.  Survivors: Elaine (Simmons) Marty; son: Robert Jr.; daughters: Kim Stenson, Kris Quick, Jan Hartley, Joy.  Celebration Of Life: December 3, 2017, Fair Oaks, Calif.

MILLER, TERRY WALLACE, March 22, 1952, Alliance, Neb., to September 21, 2017, Ogden, Utah; son of Wallace and Virginia Miller; graduated St. Paul 1980. Served 1980-2017.  School/Ministry: Ogden, Utah.  Survivors: Julie (Ritter) Miller; son: Zachary; daughters: Talaya Vander Wal, Kira Tran.  Memorial Service: September 25, 2017, Ogden, Utah.

POPP, ROBERT G., March 18, 1936, Frohna, Mo., to October 10, 2017, Woodstock, Ill.; son of Elmer and Flora (Oswald) Popp; graduated River Forest 1960. Served 1960-1998.  School/Ministry: Crystal Lake, Ill.  Retired 1998.  Survivors: Lois (Ward) Popp; son: Timothy.  Memorial Service: October 16, 2017, Crystal Lake, Ill.; Interment: October 16, 2017, Woodstock, Ill.

ROSENBERG, DONALD A., October 25, 1921, Shawano, Wis., to February 20, 2017, Wausau, Wis.; son of Alfred and Frieda (Pahlow) Rosenberg; graduated River Forest 1944. Served 1944-1987.  Schools/Ministries: Sheboygan, Milwaukee, Wausau, Wis.; Valparaiso, Ind.  Retired 1987.  Survivors: Lois Rosenberg; sons: John, Tom, Lee, James, Andrew; daughter: Beth Martin.  Memorial Service: April 4, 2017, Wausau, Wis.


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