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I challenge you to read the Bible

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  1. Avatar Carl H says:

    A two-year plan to read the Bible is perhaps a long commitment for most. I suggest starting simply: Pick one book in the New Testament (perhaps not Revelation) and read through it at whatever pace you like whenever you like — a short but regular time of day or week if possible. Mark up your paper pages or digital copy freely as you go.

    Reading a page with the intention of marking it up can help you focus on what it is saying, and then seeing your series of marks left across several pages or an entire book reinforces a sense of progress. To gain a few nuggets of insight, mark passages about God’s gifts one way and passages of instruction and guidance another.

    Note questions that come to mind as you read but keep reading. Some answers may become evident as you continue to read; others may come after a bit of research or through a conversation with your pastor or other Christians.

    If you have the time, jot down short reflections in a paper or digital journal (“Today I read about ….”), and when the reading inclines you to pray — as you encounter reasons for both thanking God and for appealing to him for help — write down a couple of sentences of prayer as well.

    Some time ago, following this simple and rewarding approach, by God’s grace I remained motivated to read all of the New Testament, then continue with the Psalms and Proverbs. I was blessed.