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He was a good man

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Comments (2)
  1. Avatar Karen Steffens says:

    Thank you for a wonderful explanation of “a good man”.

  2. Avatar Thomas Nowak says:

    As an LC-MS pastor for 30 years I dont like the phrase he was a good man simply because of the confusion it can cause in our relationship with God and attaining heaven. In fact, I told my members that if at my funeral they say of me he was a good man I’ll sit up in my casket and slap them because they didn’t learn anything from me. No, rather say he was a faithful man which gives the glory to Christ and not to me. In the world in which we live we must be careful how we speak and what words we use for so many have no faith or very weak faith at best. It’s like in the 1950’s that a Lutheran was a Lutheran. That’s not the case anymore. Now you need to say I’m Missouri Synod Lutheran because in the past when I simply said I’m Lutheran people assumed I was ELCA. Yes, the Holy Spirit moves us to do good works, but good works and a good man by faith, by being faithful.