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Where have all the Christians gone?

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  1. Avatar John Joseph Flanagan says:

    Where have all the Christians gone?
    The answer is easy, and it is as follows: Most Christians become assimilated into the world. It is an old story, a familiar road, and most who claim to be Christians do not desire to count the cost, bear the cross, or follow Jesus too closely. They will say they believe, but being a faithful Christian in a prosperous culture requires too much of a sacrifice. To deny oneself the pleasures, indulgences, and vanities of the day, to actually admit you take Jesus and the Gospel of grace seriously, requires setting one’s mind on things “above” and striving against the world, the flesh, and the devil. As in the days of Elijah, as it is today, only a remnant remain faithful.
    As for our beloved LCMS, adding new souls to the Church’s declining numbers is less about new slogans, creative programs, and video presentations, but it is tied to prayer, consecration, and rededication, to evangelize without gimmicks, without apology, and with a strong dose of admonishment to a culture steadily sinking into debauchery, violence, and agnosticism on a scale never seen before in our history.

  2. You’ve got that right! Even the church is becoming more secular with some Lutheran churches voting down Christmas Eve services due to scheduling conflicts with family gatherings, sleepy kids, or too many services for one Sunday. It’s high time we get back to some old time Lutheran traditions and have some Reformation style fervor and enthusiasm for our Lord and stand firm in our faith and really let our light shine to the outside world. What kind of witness are we making to the non-Christian? In light of all of the increasing assaults of evil in the world these days, we should be beating the doors down, clamoring to get inside to worship and praise our Lord and let the world know we stand firm in our faith and give it all we’ve got! Pull out all the stops and serve and worship Him with all your might. This is being “Joy:fully Lutheran”! This is how our Lord deserves to be worshiped and praised. How can we live with ourselves if with do anything less.

  3. Avatar Jim Beckman says:

    PUT YOUR HAND TO THE PLOW is what needs to be done. Personal witnessing, and personal invitations. Set the example of a saved Christian. Show the love of God by doing good things and avoiding the bad things in life of this world. Fear and fight Satan and His many ways. Love God in every way we can. Love and help our neighbor(s) in need. Encourage one another. PUT YOUR HAND TO THE PLOW!