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A Sneaky Temptation: Theology of Glory Creep

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  1. Avatar Jerry Tangren says:

    We call it the theology of glory, but following Mark Lockwood in The Unholy Trinity can we also call it what it is, our sinful hearts violating the First Commandment?

  2. Avatar Rev. Glenn F Merritt says:

    You have touch on the very center of what is essentially wrong with much of the preaching and teaching in many our churches today. The Theology of Glory (with just a tinge of Liberation Theology) has permeated Christianity and even to some extent a large number of our own beloved LCMS congregations. Thanks for the insights.

  3. Avatar Doug Lyren says:

    Wow!! Thank you so much!!

  4. Avatar Karla Westerfield says:

    Well put. Understood this in my heart, but could never verbalize it. We are all taught in school about quantitative decisions: ‘all Certain equal Us, but not all Ys are Xs’. We can only ascertain God’s majesty and nature from reading and accepting the Bible. What little we can attribute to Him via our own senses is pitiable at the least, criminally self centered at the worst.

  5. Avatar Rev , Robert DIbell says:

    Any time we attempt to make God’s Word say what we want to hear, we sinners are at fault. The only answer is to accept God’s Word as Truth from Genesis to Revelations, knowing that it is exactly that God’s Word! He tells us “God is love”, we accept that and believe it.
    Our human analysis is faulty. Jesus says only evil comes from the human heart at all times.
    Place yourselves in God’s hands, trust in Him, and Him alone. “It is not that we have loved, but that God first loved us!”