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How to Pray the Ten Commandments

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  1. Avatar Joanne says:

    In the Small Catechism, Luther instructs us to say the Lord’s Prayer eight times a day: before the Morning Prayer, before and after each meal (3 meals x 2), and before the Evening Prayer. But your mileage may vary.

  2. Avatar Steven Soerens says:

    A fine model for prayer, although it is difficult to offer thanksgiving for His Law which condemns me to cold, implacable death and eternal suffering. Thanksgiving for unmerited salvation is easy; thanksgiving for the need for that salvation is not.

  3. Avatar Bernie Schaeffer says:

    This is a new one on me, praying the Ten Commandments. What a thoughtful and meaningful approach to teaching and inspiring others. In my experience as a Lutheran, I do not recall even hearing a sermon on the subject of the Ten Commandments. But perhaps I was absent that Sunday. Furthermore, we frequently hear loud complaints from Christians objecting to the Ten Commandments’ removal from public government buildings but most churches, I am pretty confident, do not have them posted anywhere on their own premises. Look around your church and discover for yourself. So thank your for the helpful reminder contained in Matthew Harrison’s Eleventh Commandment, “Don’t forget to pray the other ten!”