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In Praise of the Old Church Pew

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  1. Avatar Rev. Glenn F Merritt says:

    Great thoughts! I am just about worn out with going to ‘amphitheaters’ built more for comfort and acoustics than for worship. I served and attended churches with every configuration for seating that can be imagined. Still, give me old fashioned pews in old fashioned church building which focus our attention on Christ and His Cross rather than on man and creature comforts. Thanks!

  2. Avatar Jay Adams says:

    Sadly, my home church, St. John’s Lutheran Church LCMS, just recently replaced our beautiful pews with the theater style chairs. This was done much to the chagrin of many of the older members. There appears to be an attitude of doing away with or ignoring tradition. The pastors are not even wearing robes in the contemporary, it looks more like a Baptist service,

  3. Avatar Marge Milbrodt says:

    Our pastor shared a story about an old church pew some years ago, think I still have it! Interesting,