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Luther alone?

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  1. Avatar Clay Knick says:

    Nicely done, Rachel.

  2. Avatar Janet Terry says:

    Those four words…grace, faith, scripture and Christ alone…have long ago untangled a myriad of erroneous teachings in my childhood. Good article.

  3. Avatar Carl H says:

    Good points. If indeed “it’s still all about Jesus”, then perhaps indulgence in hagiographies of Luther is best avoided.

  4. Avatar Mackenzie Amerine says:

    This was so well written. I felt similarly about the ways we portray Martin Luther during this awesome and celebratory time. He’s important, but he isn’t Jesus. Thank you for this piece!

  5. I did enjoy with what you wrote, Rachel, about the true sipirit of Reformatório, specially about “him”, “them” and “us”. I am Chaplin and psychologist at ULBRA – Lutheran University of Brazil. Thank you for your wise words.

  6. Instead If the word Reformatório, It has to be Reformation. Sorry.

  7. Yes, indeed, for God’s glory alone!