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Living as Christians in an Age of Ultra-Surveillance

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  1. Avatar John Joseph Flanagan says:

    The FBI Director, Mr Comey, recently remarked that we Americans really no longer have any privacy, and that every phone call, every comment we have made on the internet, everything we have searched for on Google…it is all accessible by the government. An investigation by the government, a background check, all public records, comments on blogs… is all an open book so far as the government is concerned. What about a warrant? Very easy. No problem. Google and all other Internet giants will always please the authorities. Judges can issue warrants like candy, and they do.
    Think about this: On Trump’s first day in office, he made a phone call from the Oval Office. Picture his dismay when CNN provided details of the call the next day. He said that if even the President has no expectation of privacy, what about you…and me? In Trump’s case, the Intelligence monitors are filled with officials who casually leak information to the media as a matter of routine…but I call this by it’s true definition….treason and abuse of power.
    Since this is the world of Orwell’s prediction of 1984, we will have to live with the reality of it all. It is like, in days of old, when people lived in small villages or towns where the local gossips and troublemakers watched your comings and goings, spread the word around, and destroyed reputations and lives in the process.
    For we, as Christians, the Bible tells us to be wise, to guard our tongues and our conduct, and in these days of evil, it is more important than ever. As things are today, saying and doing the right things, standing up for Jesus, and freely sharing your faith….it too is being recorded. You are being surveiled. But it is better to be persecuted for loving God, than for being foolish or indiscreet with your words or for the sake of besetting sin.