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Keeping Christmas

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  1. Avatar Alan Koss says:

    Why bring up Mass? Are you trying to convert Lutherans to the Pagan Roman Catholic belief system. Many martyrs have been slayed for rejecting Roman Catholicism know it seems many Lutherans want to return to paganism. Is this what Luther fought against? It seems us old Lutherans will be forced out of our church. No wonder why attendance is declining!

    1. Avatar Cheryl says:

      Yes, please read the Book of Concord. Every Confessional Lutheran needs to and too many don’t, thus they remain naive as to what the church does and does not in fact truly teach. Again, please familiarize yourself with the Confessions.

      In reply to the OP, I found your article inspiring and will bookmark it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Avatar Rich says:

    Luther rejected the Roman Catholic doctrine of the mass while he also continued to refer to the Lord’s Supper as the mass in some of his writing. He distinguishes between the two. This article could have been clearer on that point.

  3. You might want to check your Book of Concord (which every LCMS congregation has in its Constitution’s article on doctrine):

    Merry Christmass!