In Memoriam (October 2017)


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DOMINKOWSKI, DONALD J. REV., February 24, 1939, Ironwood, Mich., to July 14, 2017, Wausau, Wis.; son of John and Sigrid (Aho) Dominkowski; graduated Springfield Seminary 1963. Served 1964-2012.  Ministries/Parishes: Forbes, Ellendale, N.D.; Hayward, Cable, Boulder Junction, Mercer, Wis.; Marenisco, Mich.  Retired 2012.  Preceded in death by his son Michael and daughter Debra Kuglitsch.  Survivors: Maxine (Jarvi) Dominkowski; son: Mark; daughter: Diann Koshuta.  Funeral: July 22, 2017, Boulder Junction, Wis.

FANNING, ALLEN REV., May 19, 1933, Nemaha, Iowa, to July 8, 2017, Shelbyville, Ill.; son of Leo and Gladys (Roberts) Fanning; graduated Springfield Seminary 1970. Served 1970-1995.  Ministries/Parishes: Pleasant Plains, Shelbyville, Ill.; Grand Rapids, Kentwood, Mich.  Retired 1995.  Survivors: Grace (Naig) Fanning; sons: Corliss, Paul; daughters: Valerie Wyatt, Barbara Boyd, Sandra Hoffman, Bethany Logue.

JUNKIN, ROBERT LEO REV., February 19, 1940, Du Quoin, Ill., to July 6, 2017, Modesto, Calif.; son of John and Violet (McArthur) Junkin; graduated Ft. Wayne 1977. Served 1977-1987, 1989-2011.  Ministries/Parishes: LaPort, Portage, Ind.; Newman, Calif.; Indiana District Circuit Visitor 1895-1986.  Retired 2011. Survivors: Alice (Edwards) Junkin; sons: Daniel, Rev. Mark; daughters: Miriam Schuman, Rachel Harger, Rebekah Graser, Sarah Bender. Funeral and Interment: July 12, 2017, Newman, Calif.

LANGE, ROBERT E. REV., April 14, 1931, Wimbledon, N.D., to July 2, 2017, Fenton, Mo.; son of Alvin and Selma (Lohoefener) Lange; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1959. Served 1959-1997, 2012-2013.  Ministries/Parishes: Concordia, Kirksville, Cape Girardeau, St. Louis, Glencoe, Mo.; Normal, Ill.  Retired 2013.  Survivors: Nancy (Friesz) Lange; sons: Rev. Steven, Rev. Michael, Daniel, Rev. Thomas; daughter: Susan.  Funeral: July 13, 2017, Fenton, Mo.; Interment: July 13, 2017, St. Louis, Mo.

NIBBLETT, NORMAN G. REV., August 18, 1934, Roseburg, Ore., to July 16, 2017, Lookingglass, Ore.; graduated Ft. Wayne Seminary 1988. Served 1988-2009.  Ministries/Parishes: Kamsack, Togo, Saskatchewan, Canada; Rogue River, Ore.  Retired 2009.  Survivors: Nancy (Fromdahl) Nibblett; sons: Paul, Norman, Ben, Noel, Enoch; daughter: Lauren. Funeral: July 22, 2017, Roseburg, Ore.; Interment: Lookingglass, Ore.

RICHMEYER, EDWARD JOHN REV., September 26, 1930, Buffalo, N.Y., to July 14, 2017, Katy, Texas; son of Slyverius and Anne (Donnelly) Richmeyer; graduated Springfield Seminary 1966. Served 1966-1996.  Ministries/Parishes: St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada; Deming, Silver City, N.M.  Retired 1996. Preceded in death by his wife Dawn (Stapleton) Richmeyer.  Survivors: son: Timothy; daughters: Lynn Cordova, Lori Bishop, Michelle Demetrius. Memorial Service: July 18, 2017, Katy, Texas; Interment: Roswell, N.M.

SOUTHARD, ROY LOUIS REV., April 5, 1943, Topeka, Kan., to July 14, 2017, Athens, Texas; son of Harold and Mabel (Berges) Southard; graduated Ft. Wayne Seminary 1983. Served 1983-2005.  Ministries/Parishes: Alta Vista, Herington, Kan.; Houston, Texas.  Retired 2005.  Survivors: Karen (Wappler) Southard; son: David.  Funeral: July 19, 2017, Palestine, Texas; Interment: Dallas, Texas.

STORM, HAROLD W. REV., January 29, 1924, Goodland, Ind., to July 26, 2017, Oviedo, Fla; son of Rev. Walter and Florence (Stillman) Storm; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1948. Served 1949-1973, 1975-1994.  Ministries/Parishes: Cleveland, Ohio; Miami, Winter Garden, Montverde, Fla.  Retired 1994.  Preceded in death by his wife Virginia Storm and son Timothy.  Survivors: sons: David, Walter, Eric. Memorial Service: August 3, 2017, Montverde, Fla.


HERMANN, HENRY KARL, September 25, 1938, Chicago, Ill., to December 30, 2016, Grand Junction, Colo.; graduated River Forest 1959. Served 1959-1999.  School/Ministry: Denver, Colo.  Retired 1999. Survivors: Mary Hermann: sons: Rob, Eric.  Funeral and Interment: January 6, 2017, Grand Junction, Colo.

NELSON, FREDERICK C., April 7, 1942, Ashland, Wis., to July 12, 2017; son of Carl and Lydia Nelson; colloquy 1984. Served 1984-2004.  School/Ministry: Greendale, Wis. Retired 2004. Survivors: Constance (Rusch) Nelson; son: Chris; daughters: Melinda Weissenborn, Angela Bootz.  Memorial Service: July 22, 2017, Wauwatosa, Wis.

PLOPPER, GARY A., February 2, 1944, Milwaukee, Wis., to July 7, 2017; graduated Milwaukee 1967. Served 1987-2005. Schools/Ministries: Wauwatosa, New Berlin, Wis.  Survivors: Carol (Schwechel) Plopper; sons: Craig, Scott; daughter: Laurel Zobel.  Funeral: July 11, 2017, Hartland, Wis.; Interment: July 12, 2017, Milwaukee, Wis.

SOKOFSKI, CAROL A., April 14, 1945, to March 3, 2017, Bridgeport, Conn.; daughter of Arthur and Ruth Sokofski; graduated Valparaiso 1968. Joined LCMS 1990. Funeral: March 11, 2017, Bridgeport, Conn.: Interment: Scranton, Pa.

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