In Memoriam (February 2017)

In Memoriam

 Obituary information is provided by district offices to the Synod’s Office of Rosters and Statistics. Any questions about content should be referred, therefore, to the appropriate district office. — Ed.


ALMS, RICHARD L. REV., June 15, 1935, Spring Valley, Wis., to October 11, 2016, Sterling, Va.; son of Oscar and Lydia (Dicke) Alms; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1960. Served 1960-2006.  Ministries/Parishes: Buffalo, N.Y.; Baltimore, Md.  Retired 2006.  Survivors: Eileen (McAninch) Alms; sons: Kenneth, Steven, William.  Funeral: October 14, 2016, Ellicot City, Md.

BARTELS, RALPH REV., May 15, 1933, McKeesport, Pa., to November 9, 2016, Manchester, Pa.; son of Emil and Elsie Bartels; colloquy 1982. Served 1982-1991.  Ministries/Parishes: Columbia, Pa.; Springfield, Mass. Retired 1996. Preceded in death by his son Ronald. Survivors: Aileen (Bollman) Bartels; son: Richard. Funeral: November 17, 2016, York, Pa.: Interment: November 17, 2016, Columbia, Pa.

BRANDON, RICHARD D. REV., March 24, 1923, Portland, Ore., to October 2, 2016, Salem, Ore.; son of Elmer and Edna (Plog) Brandon; graduated Springfield Seminary 1971. Served 1971-1993.  Ministries/Parishes: Baltimore, Md.; Papua, New Guinea; Seabeck, Wash.; Ghana, West Africa.  Retired 1993.  Survivors: Elizabeth (Schumacher) Brandon.; son: Paul; daughters: Christine, Susan, Mary, Martha.  Memorial Service: November 5, 2016, Salem, Ore.

ELLING, NORMAN B. REV., and his wife Selma (Gudrian) Elling passed away November 14, 2016. Rev. Elling was born October 3, 1930, Geneseo, Ill.; son of Henry and Emily (Brauer) Elling; graduated Springfield Seminary 1955. Served 1955-1994.  Ministries/Parishes: Mt. Vernon, Latham, Peekskill, N.Y.; Pittsfield, Ill.  Retired 1994.  Survivors: sons: Paul, Mark, David.  Funeral: November 19, 2016, Indianapolis, Ind.

FISCHER, CARL OTTO REV., September 1, 1924, Auburn, Mich., to October 6, 2016, Bellingham, Wash.; son of Rev. Frederick and Adela (Riess) Fischer; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1949. Served 1949-1987.  Ministries/Parishes: Glenn Ullin, Wimbledon, N.D.; Milwaukee, Wis.; Bellingham, Wash.; Northwest District Circuit Visitor 1991-1994.  Retired 1987.  Survivors: Eunice (Harthun) Fischer; son: Jonathan; daughter: Martha Bajema.  Funeral: October 14, 2016, Bellingham, Wash.

FLORSCHUETZ, DUANE WILLIAM REV., July 31, 1933, Sublette, Ill., to November 15, 2016, Georgetown, Texas; son of Edgar and Luella (Baumann) Florschuetz; graduated Springfield Seminary 1971. Served 1971-1989.  Ministries/Parishes: Alma, Mich.; Bryan, Round Rock, Texas.  Retired 1989.  Survivors: Mary (Strube) Floreschuetz; son: Alan; daughters: Deborah Grote, Becki Oldham, Laura Vaughn.  Memorial Service: November 22, 2016, Georgetown, Texas; cremation.

GUNDERMANN, VERNON DALE REV., October 8, 1937, Fulda, Minn., to September 16, 2016, St. Louis. Mo.; son of Adolph and Meldred (Dierks) Gundermann; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1963. Served 1963-2006.  Ministries/Parishes: Arcadia, Iowa; Madison, Wis.; New Hope, Minn.; Kirkwood, Mo.  Retired 2006.  Survivors: Betty (Lorenz) Gundermann; sons: Peter, Thomas; daughters: Mary Williams, Sarah McCarthy. Memorial Services: September 25, 2016, Kirkwood, Mo. and September 27, 2016, Fulda, Minn.; Interment: September 27, 2016, Fulda, Minn.

HECK, JACK DUDLEY REV., May 23, 1930, Dayton, Ohio, to October 26, 2016, Kearney, Neb.; son of Ralph and Grace (Apple) Heck; graduated Springfield Seminary 1963. Served 1963-1992.  Ministries/Parishes: Cambridge, Grand Island, Neb.; Rock Springs, Wyo.; Denison, Iowa, Ogden, Utah.  Retired 1992.  Survivors: Charlene (Deis) Heck; sons: Keith, Rev. Kyle, Karl; daughters: Kirsten Hughes, Kathleen, Karolyne.  Funeral and Interment: November 1, 2016, Kearney, Neb.

JACKSON, JOHN P. REV., October 11, 1938, Chicago, Ill., to March 29, 2016, Jacksonville, Fla.; son of Walter and Gertrude Jackson; graduated Ft. Wayne Seminary 1979. Served 1979-2003.  Ministries/Parishes: Baton Rouge, La.; Fair Hope, Ala.; Southern District circuit Visitor 1982-1989.  Retired 2003. Survivors: Judy Jackson; sons: Rodney, Craig.  Funeral: April 2, 2016, Jacksonville, Fla.

KING, ROBERT H. REV., April 1, 1922, Sunny South , Ala., to September 6, 2016, Jefferson City, Mo. son of Henry and Della (Bettis) King; graduated Greensboro Seminary 1949. Served 1949-1790, 1979-1997.  Ministries/Parishes: Youngstown, Ohio; Chicago, River Forest, Ill.; Bloomington, Ind.; Freedom, Mo.  Retired 1997. Survivors: Jean (McCord) King; son: Roger; daughters: Jocelyn, Jannelle. Celebration of Life: September 14, 2016, Jefferson City, Mo.

KLEMP, PAUL ARTHUR REV., August 1, 1939, Eau Claire, Wis., to September 28, 2016, White Bear Lake, Minn.; son of Eugene and Ruth (Frels) Klemp; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1965. Served 1965-1992.  Ministries/Parishes: Durand, Menomonie, Mondovi, Plum City, Wis.; Sherburn, Cologne, Minn.; Minnesota South District Circuit Visitor 1982-1988.  Retired 1992.  Survivors: Katherine (Hussmann) Klemp; sons: Philip, Peter, Matthew, Rev. Stephen, Marcus; daughters: Paula Wilson, Anna Martin, Sara Berwald.  Funeral and Interment: October 3, 2016, Cologne, Minn.

KLOPFER, FREDERICK EARL REV., June 2, 1927, Terre Haute, Ind., to August 19, 2016, Canal Winchester, Ohio; son of Frederick and Lillian Klopfer; colloquy 1993. Joined LCMS as Emeritus 1993.  Preceded in death by his wife Doris (Geissman) Klopfer. Survivors: son: Frederick; daughters: Sheryl Jensen, Jann Bunyard, Claire Gau.  Funeral: September 3, 2016, Canal Winchester, Ohio; Interment: September 3, 2016, Columbus, Ohio.

KRAUS, THOMAS D. REV., March 6, 1933, Milwaukee, Wis., to November 12, 2016, Mechanicsburg, Pa.; son of David and Edna (Koglin) Kraus; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1960. Served 1960-2002. Ministries/Parishes: Berlin, Conn.; Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Pa.  Retired 2002.  Survivors: Gail (Fischer) Kraus; son: Paul; daughters: Christine, Ann, Katherine, Karin.  Graveside Service: Mechanicsburg, Pa.

LIMMER, HARLAN LEE REV., April 12, 1938, Madison, S.D., to October 10, 2016, Spring, Texas; son of Theodore and Meta (Dubbe) Limmer; graduated Ft. Wayne Seminary 1985. Served 1985-2003.  Ministries/Parishes: Chicago, Ill.; Burlingame, Calif.; Northern Illinois District Circuit Visitor 1987-1990; California/Nevada/Hawaii District Circuit Visitor 1994-1999.  Retired 2003.  Survivors: Donna (Bremer) Limmer; sons: Jeffrey, Andrew, Joel, Douglas, Michael.  Funeral and Interment: October 14, 2016, Spring, Texas.

LUECKE, JAMES ROBERT REV., June 8, 1929, Chicago, Ill., to November 11, 2016, Arlington, Texas; son of Rev. George and Martha (Kretzschmar) Luecke; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1955. Served 1955-1984.  Ministries/Parishes: Montrose, Los Angeles, Calif.; Ontario, Canada; Arlington, Texas.  Retired 1984.  Preceded in death by his wife Margaret (Johnson) Luecke and son Mark.  Survivors: sons: Robert, James, John, David, Michael; daughter: Mary; stepsons: Richard, Jeffrey, Ronald, Jason; stepdaughter: Lana.  Memorial Service: November 18, 2016, Arlington, Texas; cremation.

MEHL, DUANE PAUL REV., February 14, 1931, Arkansas City, Kan., to November 22, 2016, Oxford, Pa.; son of Paul and Anita (Von Fange) Mehl; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1957. Served 1957-1988.  Ministries/Parishes: Newark, Del.; St. Louis, Mo.; Charlottesville, Va.  Retired 1988.  Survivors: Dorothy (Pannell) Mehl; son: David; daughter: Jennifer Ferrara.  Memorial Service: December 1, 2016, Wilmington, Del.

MILLER, ALBERT H. REV., December 18, 1926, LaGrange, Ill., to November 7, 2016, Houston, Texas; son of Albert and Edna (Theiss) Miller; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1950. Served 1950-1968, 1984-1987, 1989-1992.  Ministries/Parishes: Chicago, Ill.; Brookfield, Wis.; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Houston, Texas; Texas District Circuit Visitor 1994-1996.  Retired 1992.  Preceded in death by his wife Ruth (Schelp) Miller and son Dale.  Survivors: H. Lee (Mitschke) Miller; son: Douglas; daughters: Susan Arhelger, Christine Hansen; stepsons: Stephen, Mark. Funeral and Interment: November 11, 2016, Houston, Texas.

NACK, DELTON L. REV., November 23, 1940, S.D., to November 8, 2016, Crown Point, Ind.; son of Lawrence and Helen Nack; colloquy 1982. Served 1982-2005.  Ministries/Parishes: Newton, Dunlap, Mattoon, Ill.; Central Illinois District Circuit Visitor 1991-1993.  Retired 2005. Survivors: Judith Nack; sons: Christopher, Jonathan, Leslie.  Memorial Service: November 12, 2016, Crown Point, Ind.

ORAVEC, RONALD D. REV., September 9, 1945, Cleveland, Ohio, to September 24, 2016, Buffalo, N.Y.; son of John and Ellen (Gesso) Oravec; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1971. Served 1971-2013.  Ministries/Parishes: Dickson City, Pa.; Rome, North Tonawanda, N.Y.; Eastern District Circuit Visitor 1990-1994.  Retired 2013.  Preceded in death by his wife Lana (Herbert) Oravec.  Survivors: sons: Daniel, David, John.  Funeral and Interment: September 29, 2016, Wheatfield, N.Y.

PFOTENHAUER, PAUL EDWARD REV., October 1, 1924, Edmonton, Canada, to September 13, 2016, Santa Cruz, Calif.; son of Rev. Carl and Hannah (Kuring) Pfotenhauer; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1952. Served 1952-2003.  Ministries/Parishes: Portland, Ore.; Soquel, Calif.  Retired 2003.  Preceded in death by his wife Jean (Taylor) Pfotenhauer.  Survivors: sons: Rock, Michael, Scott, Peter; daughters: Kristen Bank, Paula, Rachel Baranowski.  Memorial Service: October 22, 2016, Soquel, Calif.; Interment: October 22, 2016, Santa Cruz, Calif.

PIERSON, MARION F. REV., May 5, 1932, Sturgis, Mich., to October 24, 2016, North Ridgeville, Ohio; son of Raymond and Martha (Gotsch) Pierson; graduated Springfield Seminary 1959. Served 1959-1995.  Ministries/Parishes: Deep River, What Cheer, Iowa; Ft. Wayne, Ind.; Port Huron, Mich.; Westlake, Ohio.; Ohio District Circuit Visitor 1990-1991.  Retired 1995.  Survivors: Marilyn (Reed) Pierson; son: Christian; daughter: Tara.  Funeral and Interment: October 27, 2016, Westlake, Ohio.

PUIG, CARLOS H. REV., July 27, 1925, Ponce, Puerto Rico, to September 5, 2016, Sugar Land, Texas; Colloquy 1978. Served 1979-1993.  Ministries/Parishes: St. Louis, Mo.  Retired 1993.  Survivors: Marguerite (Woodmansee) Puig; son: Carlos; daughter: Carla Abramczyk.  Memorial Service: October 22, 2016, Houston, Texas.

SCHMIDT, EUGENE E. REV., July 19, 1929, Freeland, Mich., to September 22, 2016, Topeka, Kan.; son of Otto and Alma (Kkoha) Schmidt; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1955. Served 1955-1994.  Ministries/Parishes: Durango, Ignacio, Colo.; Kansas City, Topeka, Kan.; Kansas District President 1985-1994.  Retired 1994. Preceded in death by his wife Carol Schmidt.  Survivors: son: Stephen; daughters: Sheryl Speelman, Suzanne Peterson.  Funeral and Interment: September 30, 2016, Topeka, Kan.

SCHMIDT, JAMES A. REV., July 9, 1938, Beatrice, Neb., to November 1, 2016, Santa Barbara, Calif.; son of Raymond and Lillian (Becker) Schmidt; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1962. Served 1962-1994, 1998-2002.  Ministries/Parishes: Omaha, Neb.; Rancho Palos Verdes, Santa Barbara, Goleta, Calif.; Pacific Southwest District Circuit Visitor 1987-1994.  Retired 2002.  Survivors: VeLoyce (Schweer) Schmidt; sons: Neil, Kirk; daughter: Jenelle.  Memorial Service: December 3, 2016, Santa Barbara, Calif.; Interment: November 4, 2016, Santa Barbara, Calif.

SCHUBERT, ALFRED W. JR. REV., September 12, 1937, St. Louis, Mo., to November 3, 2016, San Antonio, Texas; son of Alfred Sr. and Mildred (Ulrich) Schubert; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1962. Served 1962-1999.  Ministries/Parishes: Houston, San Antonio, Texas; Logansport, Indianapolis, Ind.; Hattiesburg, Miss.; Southern District Circuit Visitor 1994-1997.  Retired 1999.  Survivors: Georgie (Lapp) Schubert; sons: Rev. Alfred III, Matthew, Theodore.

SCHUTH, PAUL ROBERT REV., April 23, 1947, Elgin, Ill., to September 17, 2016, Elgin, Ill.; son of Rev. Louis and Ruth (Sauer) Schuth; graduated Springfield Seminary 1973. Served 1973-2013.  Ministries/Parishes: Purdy, Wash.; Bedford, Ind.; Crystal Lake, Ill.  Retired 2013.  Survivors: Mary Schuth; sons: David, Jon; daughters: Amy Paxton, Kathy; step-sons: Scott, Dann.  Funeral: September 24, 2016, Elgin, Ill.

SEGOVIA, CARLOS MARTIN REV., October 27, 1938, Austin, Texas, to October 29, 2016, Pasadena, Texas; son of Rev. Felix and Elizabeth (Escobedo) Segovia; colloquy 1983. Served 1983-1998.  Ministries/Parishes: Dallas, Laredo, Galena Park, Texas; Corona, N.Y.  Retired 1998.  Survivors: Oralia (Urve) Segovia; sons: Hector, Carlos, Luis; daughters: Melba Markowitz, Karla Lopez.  Funeral: November 3, 2016, Pasadena, Texas; cremation.

SELLE, CARL RICHARD REV., August 24, 1941, Chicago Heights, Ill., to September 24, 2016, Rosholt, Wis.; son of Rev. Carl and LaVerne Selle; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1969. Served 1969-2011.  Ministries/Parishes: Covington La.; Tokyo, Japan; Neshkoro, Madison, Stevens Point, Wis.; Evansville, Ind.; East Lansing, Mich.  Retired 2011.  Survivors: Karol (Gill) Selle; sons: Andrew, Nathan, Matthew; daughter: Miriam Kolodziej.  Celebration of Life: September 30, 2016, Stevens Point, Wis.

SIMENTAL, ROBERTO REV., December 29, 1946, El Paso, Texas, to October 13, 2016, El Paso, Texas; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1999. Served 1999-2014.  Ministries/Parishes: McAllen, Texas; South Gate, Calif.  Retired 2014.  Survivor: daughter: Norma.  Funeral and Interment: October 19, 2016, El Paso, Texas.

WERTZ, RICHARD PAUL REV., August 9, 1946, Washington, D.C., to February 17, 2016, Bradenton, Fla.; son of Leonard and Betty Wertz; graduated Springfield Seminary 1973. Served 1973-1975, 1978-2012. Ministries/Parishes: Aliceville, Burlington, Emporia, Winfield, Wichita, Norton, Kan.; River Forest, Ill.; Taos, Angel Fire, Socorro, N.M.  Retired 2012.  Funeral: February 27, 2016, Parrish, Fla.

WILLIAMS, RONALD EARLE REV., February 10, 1932, Pittsburgh, Pa., to September 6, 2016, San Diego, Calif.; son of Elmer and Mildred (Phoenix) Williams; colloquy 1968. Served 1968-1982.  Ministries/Parishes: Capistrano Beach, Burbank, San Diego, Calif.  Retired 1997.  Preceded in death by his wife Jane (Woods) Williams.  Survivors: son: Janathan; daughter: Jennifer Hreljac.  Funeral: September 14, 2016, Sharpsville, Pa.; Interment: September 14, 2016, Hermitage, Pa.

WITTLER, ROBERT CHARLES REV., January 7, 1926, New York City, N.Y., to November 3, 2016, Patchogue, N.Y.; son of George and Wilhelmina (Wiemann) Wittler; colloquy 1995. Joined LCMS emeritus 1995. Funeral: November 7, 2016, Sayville, N.Y.; Interment: November 7, 2016, Calverton, N.Y.


 BAILEY, ANDREW D., June 23, 1957, Denver, Colo., to October 27, 2016, Menasha, Wis.; graduated Seward 1979. Served 1979-2007.  Schools/Ministries: Macomb, Detroit, Reed City, Mich.; St. Louis, Mo.; Oak Creek, Wis.  Retired 2007.  Survivors: Susan (Neisch) Bailey; son: Joshua.  Funeral: November 10, 2016, Menasha, Wis.

BODE, JAMES T., March 28, 1935, New Ulm Minn., to September 13, 2016, Orange, Calif.; son of Theodore and Irene (Rengstorf) Bode; graduated Seward 1957. Served 1957-1998.  Schools/Ministries: Long Beach, Whittier, Orange, Calif.  Retired 1998. Survivors: Corinne (Pingel) Bode; sons: Darrin, Matthew.  Funeral: September 24, 2016. Orange, Calif.; Interment: September 23, 2016, Orange, Calif.

FOUST, GLADYS (WENDT), December 26, 1945, Clermont, Fla., to July 7, 2016, Orlando, Fla.; daughter of Fred and Gloria Wendt; colloquy 1974. Served 1986-2011.  Schools/Ministries; Oviedo, Orlando, Winter Garden, Fla.  Retired 2011.  Survivors: Rev. Paul Foust; sons: Paul, Jonathan, Matthew, Timothy.  Funeral and Interment: July 29, 2016, Casselberry, Fla.

GERLACH, PAUL CHARLES, October 20, 1940, Cleveland, Ohio, to October 4, 2016, Lewiston, N.Y.; son of Alfred and Mildred (Schroeder) Gerlach; graduated River Forest 1962. Served 1962-2003.  Schools/ Ministries: Bronx, New York, North Tonawanda, Lockport, N.Y.  Retired 2003.  Survivors: Linda (Luke) Gerlach; son: Jonathan; daughters: Lisa, Julie.  Funeral and Interment: October 12, 2016, North Tonawanda, N.Y.

HAAS, WALTER DENNIS LEE, April 24, 1933, Minneapolis, Minn., to October 29, 2016, Milwaukee, Wis.; son of Walter and Elsbeth Haas; graduated River Forest 1954. Served 1954-1998.  Schools/Ministries: Chicago, Ill.; Pomeroy, Iowa; Young America, Minn.; Detroit, Mich.; Milwaukee, Greenfield, Wis.  Retired 1998. Survivors: Linda (Neill) Haas; sons: Timothy, John; daughter: Terri Tillich.  Funeral: November 5, 2016, Milwaukee, Wis.; Interment: November 7, 2016, Brookfield, Wis.

HESCHKE, RICHARD J., October 7, 1939, Sheboygan, Wis., to October 1, 2016, Bronx, N.Y.; son of Victor and Sylvia (Rosenthal) Heschke; graduated River Forest 1961. Served 1964-2007.  Schools/Ministries: River Forest, Ill.; Bronx, N.Y.  Retired 2007.  Memorial Celebration: November 13, 2016, Bronxville, N.Y.

KLINTWORTH, KATHRYN G. (KUNKEL), June 2, 1938, Minneapolis, Minn., to October 29, 2016, Saline, Mich.; daughter of Otto and Lillian Kunkel; graduated River Forest 1961. Served 1993-2007.  School/Ministry: Ann Arbor, Mich.  Retired 2007.  Survivors: Philip Klintworth; sons: Mark, Paul.  Funeral: November 11, 2016, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Interment: San Diego, Calif.

MOCK, HERBERT JAMES, March 25, 1946, Wykoff, Minn., to September 6, 2016, Houston, Texas; son of Rev. Alfred and Vivian Mock; graduated St. Paul 1970. Served 1970-2011.  Ministries/Parishes: Thorndale, Houston, Texas; Port Huron, Mich.; Marysville, Ohio.  Retired 2011.  Survivors: Eunice (Huebner) Mock; sons: Aaron, Joshua.  Funeral: September 9, 2016, Houston, Texas; Interment: Marysville, Ohio.

MUELLER, MARTIN BERNARD, August 15, 1926, Chicago, Ill., to January 11, 2016, Houston, Texas; son of Adolph and Alvina Mueller; graduated River Forest 1948. Served 1948-1991.  School/Ministry: Houston, Texas.  Retired 1991. Survivors: Ruby (Weise) Mueller; sons: Ron, Rick; daughters: Linda Noyd, Kathy Roensch.  Funeral: January 15, 2016, Houston, Texas; Interment: January 16, 2016, Thorndale, Texas.

NEBEL, MARK C., May 3, 1952, Cape Girardeau, Mo., to August 26, 2016, St. Louis, Mo.; son of Carlton and Peggy (Long) Nebel; graduated Seward 1975. Served 1980-2009.  Schools/Ministries: St. Louis, Mo.  Retired 2009. Survivors: Ingrid (Prahlow) Nebel; daughters: Jocelyn, Katherine.  Funeral: September 3, 2016, Bellefontaine Neighbors, Mo.; Interment: September 3, 2016, St. Louis. Mo.

SCHUKNECHT, JEROLD C., March 12, 1938, Saginaw, Mich., to April 16, 2016, Rockford, Ill.; son of George and Thelma Schuknecht; graduated River Forest 1961. Served 1961-2003.  Schools/Ministries: Affton, Mo.; Lafayette, Ind.; Belvidere, Ill.; Fresno, Calif.; Denver, Colo.  Retired 2003.  Survivors: Jeanette (Ruedlinger) Schuknecht; sons: Jonathan, Joel; daughter: Jacqueline Stark.  Memorial Service: April 20, 2016, Rockford, Ill.

VON KAMPEN, PAULA EMILY (SACHTLEBEN), March 10, 1933, Norwood Park, Ill., to September 20, 2016, Chandler, Ariz.; daughter of Albert and Eleanora (Kasten) Sachtleben; graduated River Forest 1976. Served 1976-1977. School/Ministry: Warren, Mich.  Retired 1988.  Survivors: William von Kampen, son: Kurt; daughter: Susan Pearce.  Funeral: September 29, 2016, Seward, Neb.; Interment: September 26, 2016, Seward, Neb.

WHELPLY, HAL HARRY JR., December 30, 1943, Topeka, Kan., to October 25, 2016, Irvine, Calif.; son of Hal Sr. and Lucile (Meier) Whelply; graduated Seward 1965. Served 1965-2008.  Schools/Ministries: Montebello, Panorama City, Anaheim, Irvine, Calif.; Seward, Neb.  Retired 2008.  Survivors: Karen (Wrede) Whelply; son: Derek; daughters: Camilla Hoffman, Krista Harris.  Memorial Service: November 5, 2016, Lake Forest, Calif.



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