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Fake News

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  1. Avatar Jeffrey Weiblen says:

    Right on Bro! You mentioned Christmas but I always brace myself for Easter. “THIS SUNDAY AT 7:00. A two hour special on NBC. DID JESUS REALLY EXIST?” Because it’s just being “fair” for the Secular Left to attack the most holy Christian holiday! You are correct. The Holy Spirit just uses this dribble to draw people to Him.

  2. Avatar John J Flanagan says:

    “Fake News” is just the latest hashtag or expression for an old problem. When I was a young boy in elementary school, I was an avid reader. My old man subscribed to four New York newspapers, and loved to talk about politics, religion, and life in general. He and I both read the news and talked about the articles. His advice to me: “Don’t believe everything you read in the newspapers.” He stressed the fact that many news stories were deliberately misleading, omitted facts, sensationalized stories, and it was my job to be a skeptic. He never bought the New York Times, and told me, “They are the worst.” My father talked about deductive and inductive reasoning long before I read about it in high school. I think today people rush to judgment too easily, helped along by the Internet and the media’s poorly written articles and allegations laced with innuendo and half truths. In matters of Biblical truth, don’t be duped into questioning your Christian faith and accepting the wisdom of this fallen world.

  3. Avatar Derek Klemm says:

    Passing off information that is false or misleading, whether it supports what I like or what I don’t like, can’t help my position, at least logically, it can only undercut my argument. I’m grateful for synod college and seminary experiences at St. Paul and St. Louis encouraging students to think critically about issues. That process leads me to a very different take than the author’s on “fake news,” which is prevalent and is concerning to many people, myself included. I find the outrage, while perhaps overly dramatic and selective in focus, to be far from outrageous.

  4. Avatar SIDNEY LOGGINS says:

    Thanks pastor – see you Sunday and I know the news you share will not be fake…

  5. Avatar Pastor David M. Burge says:

    While I appreciate the clarity with which Pastor Pauls addresses the spiritual matters involved in this issue, his pastoral reminder that “Christ the Truth has conquered the father of lies for you at the cross, and his encouragement to keep speaking the truth of God’s Word, I am afraid that I cannot view the matter of fake news and the deliberate repetition of falsehoods by those in authority with the same equanimity that he appears to take. Recent history reminds us of the destructiveness of the continuous repetition of falsehoods, whether it be done by media that have no concern for the truth or by people in position of authority who resort to the repetition of such falsehoods to maintain themselves in power and to push their policies, on both civil discourse, the ability of citizens to be able to fulfill their civic responsibilities, and on those in a community who are the target of such falsehoods. Recent history also warns us that when the Church fails to stand up against such constant repetition of falsehoods, no matter who is doing it, that it can find itself co-opted by those spreading such falsehoods and find its witness to the truth of the Gospel compromised. For the harm it can do to both the left- and right-hand Kingdoms, the spread of persistent falsehoods, whether through the media or by those in positions of authority, is a serious matter that must be dealt with by a strong and positive witness to objective truth and to the Eighth Commandment.