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Only the Christian’s Left Foot Remains in the Grave

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  1. Avatar Albert Jabs says:

    A poignant, powerful, provocative presentation by Dr. Harrison. Having visited the Lutheran World Federation headquarters in Geneva, where our daughter is a professor at Webster University, Dr. Krista Jabs Saral, the message tells of God’s grace in opening up new horizons of Jesus Christ ministry particularly in Global South Areas. What needs healing is repentance and healing, it would appear in the understanding of Lutheran World Federation leaders in the matter of same gender marriage or homosexuality. Love of God and love of neighbor are rooted in both the indicatives and imperatives of our Lord timely and timeless Word. The President of the Missouri Synod is providing reflection for both Lenten and Easter Christ Ressurection.

  2. Avatar David P Mumm says:

    Thank you for this good Word. You are right, we all need the comfort of the Good News. As I right this note, my mother-in-law is nearing heaven. The nurse this morning said it will be within the next few days. How good to be reminded of our heavenly hope. God’s blessing be with you.

  3. My observation to the narrative above I just read:
    If a christian is sincerely obervant, meaning a true believer of our Lord’s instructions by applying in his/her daily life, like the specified bishop serving people for Christ’s mission, he surely became fruitful. In contrast to some parralel with some of leading clergies in our days bearing the name, Lutherans only share the Holy Word by their mouth but not harmonized with their endeavor to do what the Word has told believers especially leaders should do. So that instead of gathering people to hear the Gospel they preach, their hearers’ mind were blocked with the life contradictory deeds of the preachers, causing the scatterings.

  4. Pr. Harrison,
    I’m so grateful to know that my right foot is already out of the grave! I wish to serve the Good Shepherd, and I thank you for telling me that I’ve already been granted freedom of the right leg. I shall keep you in my prayers.
    I read the April Lutheran Witness after I was very sick and I believed that I had the liberty you told of.
    Thank you for sharing with us in the Lutheran Witness. I plan to look at that issue often.