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Is it the apocalypse? A Lutheran guide to a total eclipse of the sun

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Comments (4)
  1. Avatar Patti Rosenthal says:

    What a beautiful response to the numerous unsettling social media posts that paint a darker version of the upcoming total eclipse. Thank you!

  2. Avatar Brian Crow says:

    Since the second coming of Christ will come as a thief in the night, it cracks me up to see those who think our Lord would provide such a predictable and visible sign of His coming. Oh, wait, since the Father knows that I’m not expecting Christ’s return during the eclipse, He may decide to come anyway, but since He knows I figured out that loophole in my own thinking, it wouldn’t be a surprise so He won’t come, but knowing that I know that He knows that I know…And this is why we look to the cross.

  3. Avatar Jacquelyn Rowen says:

    Thank you for this great response.
    Jacquie Rowen

  4. Avatar Ruth says:

    Thank you for the spiritual insight.