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Annunciation: In the Midst of Lent, Joy

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  1. Avatar Albert Jabs says:

    A day and week ago, I was put into hospital as a result of an automobile accident. At 83 years by God’s great Grace, I was delivered from death once again…for it was only in July that God’s grace in Jesus Christ once again preserved my life. So after decades of teaching, living, learning, some soldering, and extensive traveling… and experiencing the gift and promise of Jesus Christ…let me strongly endorse Pastor, brother David Petersen in that particularly, poignant, and powerful paragraph…and please allow me to board that profound shaft of words as follows: “I am not completely naive. I know. We also live in the worst of times We live in the most decadent and depraved age that the world has ever known. Mental illness is more rampant than ever. The demons may hide themselves from sight, but they are as active as ever. Salvation is announced to the lost, and they despise sit. Life is promise to the hopeless, and they neglect it. God comes to men in Word and Sacrament, and they ignore Him. And those who have been handed the pure doctrine of grace, even we outselves take it for granted and long for the cucumbers of Egypt.” Lord, please mercy on each and and all of us.

    Dr. Albert Jabs