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Thanksgiving by presidential proclamation?

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  1. Avatar Sharon Pahlman says:

    Thank you for this message. I did worship tonight and appreciate the freedom to do so and offered thanks to God for His countless blessings.

  2. Avatar Mark Powell says:

    Excellent brother!

  3. Avatar Gina says:

    The US military chapels pray for our president regardless of who is in office because it’s the Biblical thing to do.

  4. Avatar James Abraham says:

    You sound very anti-Trump. It would have been better to be more generic and leave politics out. The world fills us with politics. But your comments were very correct.

    1. Avatar LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting.
      Most Christians find it fairly easy and natural to pray for and accept guidance from leaders that you like and respect. The point of the article is that we should pray for and accept guidance also from leaders that we don’t like and respect. This isn’t in any way tied to the particulars of President Trump or his administration. Presumably, at some point in your life, if not already, if these United States endure and you remain in this body, you will find yourself with a president that you didn’t vote for and which you do not prefer. The article was intended to emphasize that if that should happen, you should not allow it to stop you from praying for the president or honoring his request for thanksgiving.

  5. Avatar Pat Warnicke says:

    I don’t remember seeing in the proclamation that “the people thank whatever god they could come up with “
    The proclamation referred to the Almighty God a number of times.