‘Participating’ in the LCMS Youth Gathering from afar


Tens of thousands of youth and adults from across the country and around the world are expected to descend on New Orleans for the 2016 LCMS Youth Gathering, July 16-20. This is the largest gathering of LCMS youth and adults, hosted by the Synod every three years.

While many will be there, not everyone can attend. Here are some ways to participate in the Gathering from afar:

  • lcmsgathering.com — The Gathering website is the one-stop shop for daily recaps and highlights of the event. View the daily photo gallery, watch recap videos, read blog stories and stay current with the event schedule, all at the click of the mouse. Visit lcmsgathering.com/schedule for more information about speakers, performers and themes.
  • Live stream — All Gathering events in the Superdome will be livestreamed from the Gathering website (lcmsgathering.com). Dome Events include four evening Mass Events and the Wednesday Divine Service. Mass Events begin at 8:30 p.m. (Central Time) on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights. Divine Service takes place on Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. Why not host viewing parties at your congregation or home for family, friends and community members to watch together?
  • Gathering app — Download the LCMS Youth Gathering app from the iTunes or Google Play store by searching “LCMS Youth Gathering.” Partake in the daily devotions, review speakers and session descriptions, check out the exhibitors and learn more about their ministries. Daily devotions will be pushed through the app from July 15 through Aug. 31, thanks to a partnership with Concordia Publishing House. These devotions are written by Gathering planners, speakers, volunteers and high school youth.
  • Bible studies — Consider hosting a Bible study around the Gathering’s theme, “In Christ Alone,” and the book of Philippians. Several Bible studies (including leader guides) are available at lcmsgathering.com/biblestudy.
  • Prayer — Even if you are not at the Gathering or able to connect to one of the resources listed above, those attending the Gathering covet your prayers. Please use the July “Pray For Us” calendar at lcms.org/prayforus to pray for those attending and serving at the Gathering.
  • #NYG2016 — Follow the Gathering story as it develops on social media through the official event hashtag.

Various aspects of the Gathering may be engaged via the following other social-media offerings:

  • Facebook (facebook.com/LCMSYG/),
  • Twitter (@lcmsnyg),
  • Instagram (@lcmsnyg),
  • Snapchat (lcmsnyg) and
  • #thisisMYchurch — The LCMS is using #thisisMYchurch as a way to celebrate the various aspects of our church body. Family, friends and congregation members are encouraged to post an encouraging note July 16 in support of their group as youth enter the Superdome for the opening Mass Event, using this hashtag. Include “#thisisMYchurch” when submitting prayers or well-wishes through Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Messages will be shown on the ribbon boards throughout the dome.

Posted July 7, 2016


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4 Responses to ‘Participating’ in the LCMS Youth Gathering from afar

  1. Sandra Robine July 10, 2016 at 8:17 am #

    Thank you for all this information so we can keep “in the know” while our granddaughters are with or church youth at the NYG. I’m sure, given the tragic events in so many cities (Louisiana included) these past weeks, many of our youth and parents and grandparents have SECURITY at the NYG in our minds. I know for a fact, it is a concern of our granddaughter. I would like to know, what the plan is for security while our youth are in New Orleans for the gathering this next week. I would appreciate specifics, please. And has that plan been shared and stressed with the adults that are accompanying our youth to the NYG? Thank you.

    • July 11, 2016 at 9:32 pm #

      Mrs. Robine,

      Thank you for your post and concern for your granddaughters and youth attending the LCMS Youth Gathering. The safety and well-being of Gathering participants is at the forefront of planning by Gathering staff and New Orleans city officials.

      Much about general safety for traveling, and specifically about the LCMS Youth Gathering and the city of New Orleans, has been shared in pre-Gathering materials and discussed on the Adult Leader Facebook Group.

      A recent blog addresses recent issues in our country and specific resources at the Gathering, and can be found here: http://lcmsgathering.com/safety-and-security-part-ii/

      Law enforcement officers and city officials are well-trained for incidents that might occur. They review these plans constantly for conferences like ours and other high-profile events like Super Bowls, music festivals, and cultural events. We thank God for their work and partnership in keeping our young people safe. Please pray for the well-being and safety of all the young people traveling to New Orleans this week. Thank you again for your Christ- centered support of your granddaughters and youth in your congregation.

      In Christ alone,

      Rev. Mark Kiessling
      LCMS Youth Ministry

  2. Lanny Moore July 16, 2016 at 7:40 pm #

    Would love to participate from afar! However, we are unable to connect at “lcmsgathering.com”.
    It says the account has been suspended. Not properly prepared, huh Mark?

    • LCMS Church Information Center July 18, 2016 at 12:17 pm #

      Thank you for your comment. Only the Gathering events in the Superdome will be livestreamed from the Gathering website (lcmsgathering.com). This includes four evening Mass Events at 8:30 p.m. (Central Time) on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights and the Wednesday Divine Service on Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.

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