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The Joy of Marriage

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  1. Avatar Regina Ceraolo says:

    What a beautiful way to express marriage we have been married 58 years this Nov. we as many couples have had ups and downs but the ups out weigh the downs.
    We have a great Christian relationship with LCMS.

  2. Avatar Lynette Benham says:

    I like this article very much and I realize that it is an excerpt, but couldn’t you have at least included the third fact?

    1. Avatar Krysia says:

      I thought the same thing! I kept rereading to see if I’d somehow missed if! 😉

  3. Avatar Mindy Dixon says:

    Beautifully written.

  4. Avatar Cherie Lang says:

    Thank you Pastor Harrison,
    I just want to reply to your wonderful text on the joy of marriage. So often we forget where everything comes from Our Lord Jesus Christ. He I loves us so much, gives the directions we need even in marriage. I am married to my husband for 42 years, I still need to be reminded when those days are not so joyful. Because I lose my focus on the cross.

    God’s blessings in your ministry and I was so happy to hear you won the election. So I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Avatar Teresa thompson says:

    Thank you for your wonderful words on marriage. It’s uplifting whilrbgoing through difficult times

  6. Avatar Roy Hensel says:

    When I first opened the September issue of the Lutheran Witness I was interested in the title “The Joy of Marriage.” Our 40 years of marriage had been a constant joy. The article started well and the middle part was very good. I have problems with the final paragraph. One sentence says, “Virtually every marriage goes through times when we simply don’t feel love.” We never experienced that. I find it difficult to believe that we were alone in this. Our love grew continually. Sometimes we would disappoint each other but that had no effect on our love.

    I always considered my wife to be a gift from God. My wife looked at me the same way. Therefore, we both thanked god often for this great blessing. I always said a quick thank-you every time I saw her or even thought about her. We soon realized that our relationship was not just between the two of us because God was in the center, holding us together.

    In the same paragraph is another sentence which baffles me. It says, “Christ acted for the benefit of all of us, quite without a continual warm fuzzy feeling of love and joy.” I must not understand because it does not seem to fit into the context.

    This reply may be too long, but it is only a brief summary of the joy of our marriage

  7. Avatar Bernie Grebe says:

    Thank You So Much For the Article Pastor Harrison!!

    My wife and I were married 42 years ago by the late Rev. Dr. George F. Wollenburg, and immediately after that my wife was confirmed into the LCMS, and our one faith marriage took off from there!!

    Has it been perfect, no…due to the old Adam in us it hasn’t been, however, our nightly prayer time includes a prayer of thanksgiving for each other, and our weekly participation in the Means of Grace has been the stabilizing factor in our marriage. We Thank God for His guidance in our years together!!

  8. Avatar todd krueger says:

    This may have saved my marriage