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Pastor, Who Are You Voting For?

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  1. Avatar Peggy says:

    Thank you for this important message. I’m praying for guidance.

  2. Avatar David says:

    As believers we are to vote for those who have the same morals and Values as we Christians! For way too long we have ignored our duty as citizens to participate in our government !!!

  3. Avatar Nancy says:

    I had often wondered why the people of Israel lost their way. Then I discovered that it was due to poor leadership. If we as a nation want to reflect our Christian values, we need to elect a Christian leader; not one that calls themselves a Christian, but one that walks the talk.

  4. Avatar Isaac says:

    I too am contemplating this decision and praying for guidance on this. I have been wrestling with whether to vote or not this term for quite some time. Christ is King no matter who’s in the White House. Praying for all of you that are commenting or reading this too.

  5. Avatar Richard says:

    I will vote for the person who:
    1. Opposes abortion.
    2. Opposes same sex marriage.
    3. Supports the U.S. Constitution.
    4. Supports freedom of Christian prayer in schools and public places.
    5. Opposes the current I.R.S and method of tax collection but supports a new method of collection such as one based on a sales tax method. Eliminate the current filing method.
    6. Supports shorter term limits for members of Congress..
    7. Supports short term limits for members of Supreme Court. Eliminate the current life time term.
    8 Supports requirement that members of Congress use the same health care system and retirement system used by the citizens.