One Flesh


by Isaiah Armbrecht

In a day when the holy gift of marriage is un-esteemed, disregarded and perverted, the time to confess the truth about marriage is now, as it always has and will be in this sinful world. It certainly is not a time to quail in the face of inevitable opposition, nor is it the time to begin raging and raving about those “sinners out there.” No, instead we must proclaim, with all love and kindness for our neighbors, the wonderful truth of marriage as found in God’s Holy Word.

What is this truth? Our Father, who created this world and all that dwells therein, decided that He did not want to leave Adam alone in the beautiful creation. So He created for Him a helpmeet, a wife, Eve, out of Adam’s own side. God said that they became one flesh in their union as man and wife, and it was so. Just as the Word had spoken into existence the entirety of creation, so now, marriage was instituted by God as a wonderful gift. This gift was (and still is) for companionship, for the procreation and care of children, and perhaps most importantly, as a picture of Christ and His Bride, the Church.

Christ, the very Word of God, came into the flesh of man and took it upon Himself, for we poor wretched humans had wrecked and ruined all of God’s wonderful gifts, including His gift of marriage. Jesus absorbed into His flesh those awful sins and died for them on that tree on the mountain of Calvary. Out of His dead body flowed blood and water, signs, as some theologians have said, of the way He brings forth and strengthens His Church (Baptism and the Lord’s Supper). Death could not overcome Him, and so He rose and now lives and pleads for His Bride eternally before the Father in heaven.

Jesus remains true man, united to His one Bride (denoting a female), the Church. So as the lesser image is to the greater reality, we should not perceive marriage as anything less or more than one man and one woman. Christ declares it to be so, and so it is. For our God has given us this great and marvelous gift of marriage, and He has said that it is between one man and one woman. Dear saints, despise not the wondrous words of Christ! For He it is who has forgiven you all your sin, and surely wants nothing but the best (though His idea of best may differ from yours) for you! Receive this word of Christ on marriage as gift, as you do all the words of Christ.

Isaiah Armbrecht is a 2015-2016 Free to be Faithful Young Adult Ambassador and student at Concordia University Nebraska. 

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