Official Notice: Election — LCMS President (May 2016)

Please be aware of the postcard — with text reproduced below — that was mailed to all LCMS congregations in mid-April, concerning the upcoming election (June 11-14) of the president of the Synod. This postcard was followed by a letter to each congregation with eligible voters, identifying its voter(s), requesting updated voter contact information, and advocating voter substitutions, as necessary.

Raymond L. Hartwig, LCMS Secretary

It’s Nearly Time to Elect the President of our Synod

The process for electing the President of our Synod prior to the 2016 Synod conven­tion is about to move forward. If your congregation sent delegates to your district’s 2015 convention, this postcard provides six important reminders regarding the presidential election:

  1. Your delegates’ 2015 district convention attendance qualifies them to serve as your congregation’s voters in the 2016 LCMS presidential election June 11-14. Your congregation should make certain that your voter(s) will be available to participate in the election.
  1. If one (or both) of your voters will be unavailable, it is important to inform my office of substitutions, using an official “Substitute Voter Form” obtained at org/convention/presidentialelection.
  1. Accurate mail and email addresses are essential to provide necessary election participation information. For a “Voter Update Form,” go to org/convention/presidentialelection.
  1. Voting will be by electronic ballot, conducted by Election America. The process will not be difficult or complicated, but it will require the use of a computer and access to the Internet.
  1. Voters without computers should plan to obtain the use of a computer and the assistance of a family member or the church office. Information regarding the voting process, the candidates and the code numbers needed to partici­pate will be mailed by Election America a week prior to the election.
  1. Results of the June 11-14 ballot will be known almost immediately. If no candi­date receives a majority of votes cast, a June 18-21 second ballot will be nec­essary, using the same participation information received by mail during the week prior to the first ballot.

Raymond L. Hartwig, LCMS Secretary

Posted April 29, 2016


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