Miscarriage – Comfort in a Time of Loss

Miscarriage-Featured-Image-1024x684Ten to 25 percent of pregnancies result in a miscarriage. This means an early pregnancy loss has likely affected you or someone next to you in the pew. You are not just a statistic. Martin Luther offers comfort and hope for the couple grieving a miscarriage in “Comfort for Women Who Have Had a Miscarriage,” which was written in 1542.



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One Response to Miscarriage – Comfort in a Time of Loss

  1. Alicia Okelley February 27, 2016 at 1:04 am #

    I belive God works in mysterious ways. Me and my husband suffered a miscarriage on the 23 of this month and it has been very dificult for me to understand and deal with. Then as I’m scrolling down my Facebook I see this amazing article and what Martin Luther had to say. Comfort it hard to find. But I feel God put this in my path to help.

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