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Luther’s Catholic Reformation

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  1. Avatar Tara says:

    Thank you for this article. I have been pondering with the catholic church for 11yrs now about joining as I wanted the authentic worship of the disciples whom followed Jesus. My family was Lutheran but not Lcms in 1971 so they joined a different church and so I grew up in a church of Christ. As I got older and was an organist for other churches and mostly Methodist during high school I longed for a church that seemed to worship and actually teach the gospel not just go to church to sing music. In 2003 I joined the LCMS church and have been an organist there since day one. I have been to several catholic masses and actually my ex husband and I divorced partly over the fact I wanted to join the catholic church. Through all of that I stayed lutheran and I have met and married a man with the same Lutheran faith and even still had pondered joining the catholic church but this article reaffirms my faith that I am worshiping with the apostles and getting the gospel. And that we do indeed have the eucharist present during our Divine service as I had been misled in my understanding by catholic church to believe. I know this is long, but this article has helped to settle some major questions I had over our worship. So thank you again. I am proud to be a member of the LCMS. As it stands firm with God’s teaching.

  2. Avatar Jason Nota says:

    I was born and raise Catholic but left the church at the age of 18. I had become Charismatic, Wesleyan, Baptist, Nondenominational; you name it I was. I feel as if I had come back home again when I discovered the LCMS. The Lutheran Church is everything the Catholic Church could have been.

  3. Avatar Jeanne Schewe says:

    I am a Slovak Lutheran, born & baptized in the Slovak Lutheran Church founded in Uniontown, Pa. in 1894.
    There are not many Slovak Lutherans since the Counter Reformation, 100 years+, destroyed, annihilated, etc., over 800 Luther Churches in what had been East Hungary, now Slovakia. My ancestors survived this destruction and remained, by God’s grace, faithful Slovak Lutherans. The names of Slovak Pastors, Jaroslav Pelikan & Jaroslav Vajda, are forever embedded in Lutheran music & Lutheran doctrine. “Go My Children with My Blessings”, “Where Shepherds Lately Knelt, sainted Jaroslav Vajda! I am proud of this heritage and hope whenever Lutherans sing these hymns they will remember the gifts of these two Pastors to the Missouri Synod. Thank you!

  4. The only names we use of our Church in The Book of Concord, which contains our official teachings and practices, are the terms “Evangelical” and “Catholic.” No church has an exclusive claim to the use of the word “Catholic,” so we can use it with or without a capital C.

  5. Avatar Carl Vehse says:

    Just so there is no confusion, when Lutherans talk about “catholicity” of the Christian faith, they refer to what is in the Lutheran Confessions. Lutherans also refer to the “holy catholic Church” as the “invisible Church.”

    One should avoid using “catholicity” as a congruent term describing visible church organizations, because visible churches also contain hypocrites, who are not part of “eine heilige christliche Kirche“, “sanctum ecclesiam catholicam“, “the holy Christian or catholic Church.”