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Lutheran Witness Retro Flashback: “A Seminary For Monkeys” Revisited

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The God of Creation
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  1. There is one thing that has convinced me of the futility of the evolutionary theory: ANY ape that I have ever polled on the subject, be it a chimpanzee, orangutan, baboon, or gorilla, has steadfastly refused to admit that they are even the most distant relative of humans!

  2. I think the tone is a bit to sarcastic for an official venue such as this. It doesn’t respectfully engage people with whom one may disagree. If a personal Facebook sight, it would be fine among friends, but here there needs to be a more evangelical tone. I hope that this is taken as constructive criticism.

  3. Avatar Dt parker says:

    Dear editor,
    I want you to picture a scientist, let’s say a biologist who recently was baptized a Christian, reading this petty work. They are still trying to process all that it means to become a child of God, including the depth of love revealed to them in word and sacrament. They haven’t yet worked through issues like vocation or creation.

    Now they see this article and read it. Does the spirit point them to the hope they have in Christ Jesus? Or will it snuff a tender flame… It demeans and acts condescendingly to anyone inside or outside the church struggling with those issues they have been raised with, rather than shepherd them through them.

    Please be more careful in what is written and verbal published on our magazine. It is a work entrusted to you, to assist the church, not crush it.

  4. Perhaps a more interesting and helpful use of the LW’s time would be to repost the old article. The preceding commentary is far too glib to deal with such a topic.