In Memoriam (August 2016)

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CAREY, EDWIN JOHN REV., January 31, 1939, Detroit, Mich., to April 14, 2016, Newburgh, Ind.; son of Ralph and Hermina (Dettloff) Carey; graduated Springfield Seminary 1964. Served: 1964-2004.  Ministries/Parishes: Inglis, Manitoba, CANADA; Kalamazoo, Hillsdale, Mich.; Newburgh, Ind.  Retired 2004.  Survivors: Rita (Parks) Carey; sons: Edwin II, Shawn, Shane, Joel; daughter: Anna Williams.  Funeral and Interment: April 17, 2016, Evansville, Ind.

HISCHKE, WALDEMAR F. REV., December 8, 1932, Suring, Wis., to April 13, 2016, Collinsville, Ill.; son of Fred and Martha (Struck) Hischke; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1957. Served 1957-1997.  Ministries/Parishes: Rockford, Hamel, Ill.; Whitehall, Mich.; Ladue, Mo.  Retired 1997.  Survivors: Anita (Roth) Hischke; son: Mark; daughters: Rachel, Deborah.  Funeral: April 16, 2016, Collinsville, Ill.; cremation.

MULLER, RICHARD ERNEST REV., March 19, 1928, New York City, N.Y., to April 11, 2016, Ft. Wayne, Ind.; son of Ernst and Elsie Muller; Colloquy 1979.  Served 1979-2008.  Ministry/Parish: Ft. Wayne, Ind. Retired 2008.  Preceded in death by his wife Catherine (Kovac) Muller.  Survivor: son: Peter.  Funeral and Interment: April 15, 2016, Ft. Wayne, Ind.

PETERSON, HOWARD MUNSON REV., February 25, 1921, Vancouver, Wash., to March 29, 2016, Olympia, Wash.; son of Fred and Hilda (Kahrs) Peterson; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1957. Served 1957-1983; 2006-2010.  Ministries/Parishes: Salem, Portland, Ore.; Seattle, Oak Harbor, Seaview, Wash.  Retired 2010.  Preceded in death by his wife Grace (Bryan) Peterson.  Survivors: sons: William, Gregory, Bryan, Paul, Jim; daughter: Susan Voss.  Celebration of Life: May 1, 2016, Lacey, Wash.

VAZQUEZ, ANDREW REV., September 18, 1928, El Vedado, Havana, CUBA, to March 31, 2016, Miami, Fla.; graduated St. Louis Seminary 2010. Served 2010-2016.  Ministry/Parish: Miami, Fla.  Survivor: daughter: Julia Pulles.  Funeral: April 1, 2016, Miami, Fla.


BRADDOCK, JEAN MARIE (MOENTMANN) OLSON, July 10, 1935, Frankenmuth, Mich., to March 9, 2016, Southaven, Miss., daughter of Rudolf and Freda (Schiffmann) Moentmann; graduated Seward 1958. Served 1987-1999.  Schools/Ministries: Glendale, N.Y.; Memphis, Tenn.  Retired 1999.  Survivors: James Braddock; son: Mark Olson; daughters: Heather Mann, Kristin Kennedy.  Funeral: March 12, 2016, Memphis, Tenn.

HANSEN, J.B., December 13, 1927, Staten Island, N.Y., to December 13, 2015, Odem, Texas; son of Andreas and Jenny Hansen; colloquy 1977. Served 1995-1999.  School/Ministry: Corpus Christi, Texas.  Retired 1999.  Preceded in death by his son Richard.  Survivors: Ida (Marburger) Hansen; daughters: Jenny Gastler, Julie Dayton.  Funeral: December 19, 2015, West Sinton, Texas; Interment: December 19, 2015, Corpus Christi, Texas.

HOOVER, HOYLE LEON II, March 31, 1981, Lincoln County, N.C., to February 24, 2016, Newton, N.C.; son of Joe Hoover and Sandra (Cline) Herman; Graduated River Forest 2005. Served 2005-2014.  Schools/Ministries: Park Ridge, Ill.; Helena, Mont.; Manhattan Beach, Calif.; Hickory, N.C.  Survivors: Sydney (Grubbs) Hoover; daughters: Delilah, Lilly.  Celebration of Life: February 27, 2016, Hickory, N.C; Internment: February 27, 2016, Conover, N.C.

LINK, ALLEN W., May 26, 1950, Chicago Heights, Ill., to March 26, 2016, Washington, Mo.; son of Walter and Ellen (Rittierrodt) Link; graduated Seward 1972. Served 1972-2006.  Schools/Ministries: Brooklyn, N.Y.; Memphis, Tenn.; Hong Kong, China.  Retired 2006.  Funeral: March 30, 2016, Washington, Mo.; Internment: March 30, 2016; St. Charles, Mo.

SPRINGER, JANICE RUTH (HERTLEIN), August 12, 1951, St. Louis, Mo., to March 20, 2016, Barrington, Ill.; daughter of George and Marie (Bertram) Hertlein; graduated Seward 1973. Served 1973-2013.  Schools/Ministries: Munster, Ind.; St. Louis, Mo.; Belleville, Ill.  Retired 2013.  Survivor: Rev. Martin Springer.  Funeral: April 15, 2016, Belleville, Ill.; Internment: April 15, 2016, Jefferson Barracks, Mo.

TIEDJE, NORMAN A., December 11, 1940, Gardnerville, Nev., to October 17, 2015, Shelby Township, Mich.; graduated River Forest 1962. Served: 1962-2002.  Ministries/Parishes: Detroit, Lincoln Park, Utica, Mich.  Retired 2002.  Survivors: Arlene (Veliky) Tiedje; sons: Christopher, Kevin, Aaron; daughters: Miriam, Lydia Dobler, Rebekah.  Memorial Service: November 7, 2015, Utica, Mich.

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