In Memoriam (April 2016)

In Memoriam 

Obituary information is provided by district offices to the Synod’s Office of Rosters and Statistics. Any questions about content should be referred, therefore, to the appropriate district office. — Ed.


AUMANN, ROBERT P. REV., November 1, 1942, Chicago, Ill., to January 17, 2016, Slidell, La.; son of Delbert and Teresa (Krucek) Aumann; graduated Springfield Seminary 1969. Served 1969-2010. Ministries/Parishes: Racine, Sargeant, Sauk Centre, Minn.; Peoria, Forest Park, Ill.; Sebring, Fla.; Slidell, New Orleans, La. Retired 2011. Survivors: Sandra (Kane) Aumann; sons: Bradley, Aaron. Funeral: January 23, 2016, Slidell, La.

BICKEL, ELDOR FREDERICK REV., May 11, 1925, Birch Run, Mich., to December 21, 2015, Mequon, Wis.; son of Rev. Fred and Lydia (Hetzner) Bickel; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1949. Served 1949-1990. Ministries/Parishes: Minneapolis, Minn.; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Lansing, Mich. Retired 1990. Survivors: Dorothy (Schleimer) Bickel; sons: David, Jonathan, Nathan, Timothy; daughters: Marjorie Janetzke, Lois Mytas, Kathryn Wilde, Miriam Haney. Celebration of Life: December 29, 2015, Lansing, Mich.

BROCKOPP, DANIEL CARL REV., September 7, 1934, Park Falls, Wis., to January 1, 2016, Portage, Wis.; son of Rev. William and Martha (Baumann) Brockopp; graduated Springfield Seminary 1961. Served 1961-1999. Ministries/Parishes: Villa Park, Springfield, Ill.; Valparaiso, Ind. Retired 1999. Survivors: Leona (Mau) Brockopp. Funeral: January 9, 2016, Madison, Wis.; Interment: January 11, 2016, Chicago, Ill.

DINKEL, EMIL LOUIS REV., May 17, 1931, Maysville, Ohio, to January 12, 2016, Hereford, Ariz.; son of Paul and Della (Springer) Dinkel; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1956. Served 1956-2015. Ministries/Parishes: Bronx, N.Y.; U.S. Army Chaplain; Arlington, Minn.; Bisbee, Ariz. Retired 2015. Preceded in death by his wife Mary Lou (Trinklein) Dinkel. Survivors: sons: Stephen, Paul, Timothy; daughters: Katherine, Susan. Memorial Service: January 24, 2016, Bisbee, Ariz.

EVERETTE, STEPHEN ROSSANO REV., February 27, 1967, Munich, Germany, to January 3, 2016, Buffalo, N.Y.; son of Horace and Willie (Burris) Everette; graduated Ft. Wayne Seminary 1994. Served 1994-2016. Ministries/Parishes: New Orleans, La.; Chicago, Ill.; Baltimore, Md.; Buffalo, N.Y. Survivors: Mia (Prince) Everette. Funeral: January 15, 2016, Buffalo, N.Y.; Interment: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

GEISLER, STANLEY W. SR. REV., June 16, 1939, Waco, Texas, to December 16, 2015, Ft. Worth, Texas; son of Ben and Effie (Zube) Geisler; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1965. Served 1965-2001. Ministries/Parishes: Garrison, Oskaloosa, Iowa; Del Rio, Bridgeport, Azle, Texas. Retired 2001. Survivors: Janice (Wood) Geisler; sons: Stanley Jr., Randal; daughter: Renee Howle. Funeral: December 19, 2015, Ft. Worth, Texas.

HAAK, LOEL GENE REV., April 23, 1938, St. Paul, Minn., to January 25, 2016, Sun City, Ariz.; son of Rev. William and Doris (Holten) Haak; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1964. Served 1964-2002. Ministries/Parishes: Phoenix, Ariz.; Seattle, Wash. Retired 2002. Survivors: Annemarie (Pfeffer) Haak; son: Lucas; daughters: Sarah Willis, Miriam Vaughn, Julia Doerr. Memorial Service: January 30, 2016, Peoria, Ariz.; Interment: January 30, 2016, Glendale, Ariz.

HEINTZ, NORMAN HERBERT REV., October 11, 1931, Nobles County, Minn., to January 12, 2016, Stuart, Fla.; son of Herbert and Lillian (Dierks) Heintz; graduated Springfield Seminary 1957. Served 1957-1995. Ministries/Parishes: London, Cambridge, Sheffield, England; Grand Rapids, Lincoln Park, Mich. Retired 1995. Survivors: Cynthia (Kuhlman) Heintz; sons: Brad, Kurt; daughters: Dorcas Dunker, JoAnn Rohdes, Jill Albers. Memorial Service: January 18, 2016, Stuart, Fla.

HUELSE, ROBERT L. REV., February 17, 1932, Milwaukee, Wis., to January 19, 2016, Lees Summit, Mo.; son of Walter and Edna (Kopp) Huelse; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1957. Served 1957-1994. Ministries/Parishes: Blytheville, Ark.; Independence, Mo. Retired 1994. Preceded in death by his wife Barbara (Seeber) Huelse. Survivors: son: Mark; daughters: Nancy Greer, Lois Wiedner, Kathy Fangmann, Christine Patton. Funeral: January 23, 2016, Lees Summit, Mo.; Interment: January 23, 2016, Kansas City, Mo.

KACZOR, RICHARD JOHN REV., March 27, 1939, Polk, Neb.; to January 18, 2016, Lawrence, Kan.; son of Bernhard and Irene (Juergensen) Kaczor; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1964. Served 1964-2009. Ministries/Parishes: Winnipeg, Inglis, Manitoba, Canada; Scott City, Hill City, Kan. Retired 2009. Survivors: Delores (Ahrendsen) Kaczor; sons: Nathan, Joel; daughter: Elizabeth Grady. Funeral: January 30, 2016, Lawrence, Kan.; Interment: January 30, 2016, Douglas County, Kan.

KEYLON, GLEN DUANE REV., July 4, 1948, Texhoma, Okla., to January 2, 2016, St. Paul, Neb.; son of Howard and Selma (Mitchell) Keylon; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1993. Served 1993-2014. Ministries/Parishes: Quimby, Marcus, Iowa; Cairo, Neb.; Retired 2014. Survivors: Blenda (Smith) Keylon; sons: Kelly, Koey, Kasey, Kameron; daughter: Kassidy Gascho. Memorial Service: January 9, 2016, Cairo, Neb.

KNIPPENBERG, KEITH JOHN REV., October 25, 1934, Grand Junction, Colo., to January 14, 2016, Ft. Wayne, Ind.; son of Rev. John and Harriett (Adams) Knippenberg; graduated Springfield Seminary 1962. Served 1962-1985. Ministries/Parishes: Cheyenne Wells, Kit Carson, Colo.; Waterloo, Ill.; Chambers, Meadow Grove, Tilden, Hampton, Polk, Neb.; Salisbury, Mo. Retired 2009. Preceded in death by his wife Sharon (Thompson) Knippenberg. Survivors: sons: Kevin, Brent; daughter: Debra. Funeral and Interment: January 18, 2016, Ft. Wayne, Ind.

KRAUSE, PAUL EDMUND REV., August 28, 1918, Fairland, Okla., to December 19, 2015, Winfield, Kan.; son of Frank and Anna (Boettcher) Krause; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1943. Served 1943-1983. Ministries/Parishes: Mobile, Montrose, Atmore, Ala.; Waterloo, Ill.; Duluth, Elmore, Minn.; Sioux City, Iowa; Winfield, Kan. Retired 1983. Survivors: Verna (Bartles) Krause; sons: Rev. Thomas, Alan; daughters: Jean Heise, Karen, Marcie Luna. Funeral and Interment: December 28, 2015, Winfield, Kan.

KRENZKE, RICHARD LEWIS REV., July 23, 1936, Albert Lea, Minn., to December 15, 2015, Altamont, Ill.; son of Rev. Theodore and Esther (Natzke) Krenzke; graduated Springfield Seminary 1968. Served 1968-2000. Ministries/Parishes: Valparaiso, Ind.; Belleville, Ill.; Eagan, Winona, Minn.; St. Louis, Mo. Retired 2000. Survivors: Marlene (Ackerman) Krenzke; sons: John, Thomas; daughter: Elizabeth Trost. Graveside Service: December 20, 2015, Lakefield, Minn.; Memorial Service: January 23, 2016, Altamont, Ill.

LARSON, JAMES EVERETT REV., November 23, 1931, Minneapolis, Minn., to December 25, 2015, Wichita, Kan.; son of Everett and Viola (Bergmann) Larson; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1957. Served 1957-1995. Ministries/Parishes: Papua, New Guinea, Lewiston, Stockton, Minn.; Granite, Okla.; Oklahoma District Circuit Visitor 1990-1994. Retired 1995. Survivors: Marie (Olson) Larson; son: Stephen; daughters: Rebekah Wolff, Miriam Lack. Funeral and Interment: December 29, 2015, Chanute, Kan.

LAURENT, GULFREY NEWTON REV., December 23, 1914, Mansura, La., to December 31, 2015, Carson, Calif.; son of Martin and Mary (Lehman) Laurent; graduated Greensboro Seminary 1941. Served 1943-1986. Ministries/Parishes: Winston-Salem, N.C.; E. St. Louis, Ill.; Compton, Calif.; Pacific Southwest District Circuit Visitor 1993-1994. Retired 1986. Survivors: Gwen (Brown) Laurent; daughter: Cheri. Funeral: January 15, 2016, Long Beach, Calif.

MCMILLAN, WHITFIELD MOUNGER REV., January 17, 1929, Houston, Texas, to January 10, 2016, Houston, Texas; son of Henry and Lucille (Doyle) McMillan; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1953. Served 1983-1993. Ministries/Parishes: U.S. Army and Navy Chaplain; Temple, San Antonio, Texas; Texas District Circuit Visitor 1960-1962. Retired 1993. Survivors: Lois (Meyer) McMillan; sons: Paul, John; daughters: Deborah Ledbetter, Anne Everett. Funeral: January 14, 2016, San Antonio, Texas.

MISCH, CHARLES BENJAMIN REV., February 4, 1929, Harlowton, Mont., to September 9, 2015, Chandler, Ariz.; son of Rev. Otto and Erna (Kath) Misch; graduated Springfield Seminary 1954. Served 1954-1993. Ministries/Parishes: Greenville, Turk Lake, Mich.; Cloquet, Grand Lake, Minn.; Casa Grande, Coolidge, Ariz.; Pacific Southwest District Circuit Visitor 1990-1991. Retired 1993. Survivors: Thelka (Malotky) Misch; sons: Steven, Frederick. Funeral and Interment: December 30, 2015, Casa Grande, Ariz.

OESTMANN, VERNON E. REV., January 2, 1948, Arkansas City, Kan., to January 21, 2016, Aurora, Colo.; son of Ernest and Martha (Plumer) Oestmann; colloquy 1979. Served 1979-2014. Ministries/Parishes: Hannibal, Mo.; Garden City, Mission, Kan.; Vacaville, Calif.; Kansas District Circuit Visitor 1990-1994. Retired 2015. Survivors: Deborah (Richard) Oestmann; sons: Andrew, David, Philip, Timothy. Funeral: January 27, 2016, Centennial, Colo.

PETERSON, GERALD R. REV., June 23, 1927, Minneapolis, Minn., to January 6, 2016, Plainview, Minn.; son of Hjalmer and Edith (Johnson) Peterson; colloquy 1980. Served 1980-1993. Ministry/Parish: Plainview, Minn.; Minnesota South District Circuit Visitor 1990-1997. Retired 1993. Preceded in death by his wife Julia (Egler) Peterson. Survivors: sons: Brian, Lee. Funeral: January 11, 2016, Elgin, Minn.; Interment: January 11, 2016, Minneapolis, Minn.

REDER, FRANK DONALD REV., July 27, 1927, Chicago, Ill., to December 21, 2015, Cape Girardeau, Mo.; son of Frank and Katherine (Maurer) Reder; colloquy 1978. Served 1978-1992. Ministries/Parishes: Chicago, Ill.; Jennings, Mo. Retired 1992. Survivors: Sara (Kaste) Reder; sons: David, Mark; daughters: Deborah Augustine, Sharon Jasper. Cremation

REITER, CARL C. REV., February 11, 1932, St. Louis, Mo., to January 12, 2016, San Antonio, Texas; son of Carl and Ethel (Kerley) Reiter; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1956. Served 1956-1989. Ministries/Parishes: Oxon Hills, Md.; U.S. Air Force Chaplain; Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho; Ft. Worth, Texas; Texas District Circuit Visitor 1987-1988. Retired 1989. Survivors: Mary (Dierker) Reiter; sons: Carl, Robert; daughters: Deborah, Tamara, Kristina. Funeral: January 18, 2016, San Antonio, Texas; Interment: February 5, 2016, San Antonio, Texas.

RUSSERT, MARTIN LOUIS II REV., May 21, 1922, Dubuque, Iowa, to January 14, 2016, Norfolk, Neb.; son of Rev. Martin Ist and Frieda (Garbe) Russert; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1948. Served 1948-1987. Ministries/Parishes: Ukiah, Calif.; U.S. Air Force Chaplain; Osage, Iowa; Norfolk, Neb.; Retired 1987. Preceded in death by his wife Bernice (Mussell) Russert and sons Martin III and Paul. Survivors: son: David; daughters: Pamela Floetke, Natalie Alewel, Tina Austin. Funeral and Interment: January 18, 2016, Norfolk, Neb.

SCHOOLER, EUGENE E. REV., September 8, 1936, Lanesville, Ind., to December 22, 2015, Vancouver, Wash.; son of William and Elizabeth (Taylor) Schooler; graduated Springfield Seminary 1961. Served 1961-1991. Ministries/Parishes: Auburn, Peru, Neb.; Petoskey, Mich.; The Dalles , Ore.; Sunnyside, Wash. Retired 2000. Preceded in death by his daughter Karin Holdaway-Lehman; Survivors: Janet (Buchanan) Schooler; sons: David, Steven, Daniel, Scott. Funeral: January 10, 2016, Vancouver, Wash.

STEENBOCK, ELMER G. REV., November 19, 1925, Persia, Iowa, to January 4, 2016, Sweet Home, Ore.; son of Henry and Meta (Ehlers) Steenbock; graduated Springfield Seminary 1962. Served 1962-1990. Ministries/Parishes: Bottineau, Willow City, Hillsboro, Grandin, N.D.; Coos Bay, Ore.; North Dakota Circuit Visitor 1971-1975. Retired 1990. Survivors: sons: Mark, Brian; daughters: Sondra Latt, Sally Dierefeld, Vicki Meyer, Greta Patterson, Heidi Burbery. Funeral: January 7, 2016, Sweet Home, Ore.

SUEHS, ARNOLD VICTOR REV., October 13, 1922, Lebanon, Wis., to January 21, 2016, Hillsboro, Mo.; son of Gustave and Anna (Matthias) Suehs; graduated Springfield Seminary 1955. Served 1955-1967, 1977-1985. Ministries/Parishes: Westcliffe, Colo.; Manawa, Wittenberg, Wis.; Prior Lake, Webster, Minn.; Otto, Mo. Preceded in death by his wife Fern (Wyatt) Suehs. Survivors: daughters: Connie Fortnam, Cindy Buckley, Leah Moses. Funeral and Interment: January 25, 2016, St. Louis, Mo.

THEISS, PAUL DAVID REV., January 24, 1950, Houston, Texas, to December 21, 2015, Bay City, Mich.; son of Rev. Harold and Corrine (Stahlecker) Theiss; graduated St. Louis Seminary 1977. Served 1977-2015. Ministries/Parishes: Superior, Tilden, Neb.; Bay City, Neb.; Michigan District Circuit Visitor 1989-1993. Survivors: Leeta Theiss; daughters: Tamara Youmans, Andrea Warren, Christa. Funeral: December 28, 2015, Bay City, Mich.

WELMER, MICHAEL FREDRICK REV., October 6, 1947, Indianapolis, Ind., to December 17, 2015, Houston, Texas; son of Lester and Marybelle (Rigney) Welmer; graduated Springfield Seminary 1973. Served 1973-2016. Ministries/Parishes: Shreveport, New Orleans, La.; Houston, Texas. Survivors: Jill (Wibben) Welmer; sons: Aaron, Donald, Patrick; daughter: Michelle. Funeral: December 21, 2015, Houston, Texas; Interment: December 23, 2015, New Orleans, La.

ZIPAY, NICHOLAS JR. REV., July 24, 1927, Sharon, Pa., to October 27, 2015, Wanatah, Ind.; son of Nicholas Sr. and Anna (Majdan) Zipay; graduated Springfield Seminary 1954. Served 1954-1976. Ministries/Parishes: Central City, Pa.; Detroit, Mich.; Cudahy, Wis.; Lorain, Ohio. Retired 1989. Preceded in death by his wife Dorothy (Chester) Zipay. Survivors: sons: Nicholas, Mark, Rev. Joel; daughters: Ruth, Rebecca. Funeral and Interment: October 31, 2015, Wanatah, Ind.



BERGMAN, FRED ERNEST, May 19, 1928, Sebewaing, Mich., to August 4, 2015, Orange, Calif.; son of Henry and Mrs. Bergman; graduated River Forest 1950. Served 1950-1993. Schools/Ministries: Campbell Hill, Ill.; Dearborn, Detroit, Mich.; Pasadena, Orange, Costa Mesa, Anaheim Hills, Calif. Retired 1993. Survivors: Marlene (Pflug) Bergman; sons: Paul, John, Mark, James, Peter; daughters: Susan Walker, Jane. Memorial Service: August 8, 2015, Orange, Calif.

BOEHM, JERRY R., 1941 to November 30, 2015, Libertyville, Ill.; colloquy, 1986. Served 1986-2005. Schools/Ministries: Ann Arbor, Saginaw, Mich.; Burnsville, Minn. Retired 2005. Survivors: Diane Boehm; sons: J.J., Joel, daughter: Lisa Rice. Memorial Service: December 5, 2015.

BUSSE, ROBERT L., January 9, 1928, Ft. Wayne, Ind., to January 2, 2016; son of August and Emilie (Weber) Busse; colloquy 1960. Served 1960-1993. School/Ministry: River Forest, Ill. Retired 1993. Survivors: Marilyn (Diemer) Busse; daughters: Margaret, Jennifer Laabs. Memorial Service: January 23, 2016, River Forest, Ill.

DUMLER, MARVIN J., September 7, 1921, Russell County, Kan., to October 5, 2015, Loveland, Colo.; son of Jacob and Lydia Dumler; colloquy 1960. Served 1961-1987. School/Ministry: River Forest, Ill. Retired 1987. Survivors: Esther (Wegele) Dumler; sons: Charles, Douglas; daughters: Diane, Cynthia, Cathryn. Memorial Service: October 10, 2015, Loveland, Colo.

GOEHNER, LOREN H., March 14, 1931, Hiawatha, Kan., to December 16, 2015, Bel Air, Md.; son of Ed and Josephine Goehner; graduated Seward 1957. Served 1957-1994. School/Ministry: Kingsville, Md. Retired 1994. Preceded in death by his sons Jeffrey, Douglas, Bradley. Survivors: Grace (Strack) Goehner; son: Gregory; daughter: Valli. Funeral and Interment: December 21, 2015, Kingsville, Md.

KOHRS, RALPH LOUIS,   October 21, 1936, St. Charles, Mo., to December 24, 2015, Brookfield, Wis.; son of Louis and Emma (Nolle) Kohrs; graduated River Forest 1958. Served 1958-2002. Schools/Ministries: Milwaukee, Wis. Retired 2002. Survivors: Carole (Maier) Kohrs; sons: Stephen, Jonathan; daughter: Laura Rohde. Funeral: December 31, 2015, Milwaukee, Wis.; Interment: January 2, 2016, Brookfield, Wis.

MCNAMAR, TERRIA LYNN (PHILLPOTT), April 27, 1960, Corvallis, Ore., to January 6, 2016, Corvallis, Ore.; daughter of Margaret Phillpott; graduated Portland 1982. Served 1982-2016. School/Ministries: Inglewood, San Francisco, Calif.; Corvallis, Ore. Survivors: Daniel McNamar. Funeral and Interment: January 15, 2015, Corvallis, Ore.

SHELDON, ERNEST L., December 5, 1921, Johnstown, Pa., to January 26, 2016, Utica, Mich.; son of John and Melba Sheldon; graduated River Forest 1949. Served 1949-1985. Schools/Ministries: Detroit, Mich.; Louisville, Ky.; Antigo, Wis. Retired 1985. Survivors: Ruth (Koch) Sheldon; sons: David, Mark, Rev. Barry, Gregory, Timothy; daughter: Carol. Funeral: January 29, 2016, Utica, Mich.; Interment: January 29, 2016, Macomb, Mich.

SMALLBECK, ANN C. (KINNER), October 13, 1939, Seattle, Wash., to May 27, 2015, Snohomish, Wash.; daughter of Bill and Florence Kinner; graduated Seward 1967. Served 1993-1994, 1996-1999. School/Ministry: Bellevue, Wash. Retired 1999. Survivors: Darrell Smallbeck; son: Joel; daughter: Rachel Depelo. Funeral: June 6, 2015, Bellevue, Wash.; Interment: June 6, 2015, Snohomish, Wash.

WILLIS, LINDA J. (ELLER), October 16, 1944, Alpena, Mich., to January 24, 2016, Alpena, Mich.; daughter of Victor and Geraldine (Nordstrom) Eller; colloquy 1982. Served 1982-2006. School/Ministry: Alpena, Mich. Retired 2006. Survivors: David Willis; daughters: Tracy Willis, Alison Kaiser. Funeral and Interment: January 27, 2016, Alpena, Mich.



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