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I Have Set a Watchman

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  1. That is why I appreciate my Pastor, Luke Zimmerman. He makes me well aware of my sinful nature. And just when I am about to cry in despair he reminds me that my Savior, Jesus Christ has marked my bill paid. I go home inwardly leaping and singing with joy and ready to face another week in which to serve the Lord. In am 86 years old and a lifelong Missouri Lutheran and have had all too few Pastors that could do that for me.

    1. Avatar S Meyer says:

      Your joy matches my experience. Each man I’ve been blessed to call pastor has touched my life. Each different. Each what I needed. I love our church.

  2. Avatar John J Flanagan says:

    I think there are too few pastors today willing to talk about sin, but it shouldn’t be that way. We all need to be reminded we are sinners in need of Christ, Our Savior, and we need to be reminded of the distinction between Law and the Gospel of Grace. In addition, rather than generic sermons, we, as Lutherans need to see the relevance of our faith in terms of today. We never hear messages relating the practice of our faith to issues like abortion, homosexual marriage, persecution, and materialism.

    1. Avatar Laura says:

      I agree with you 100%!