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  1. Avatar Josh says:

    Why, then, do we as a pro-life Christian organization constantly align ourselves with organizations that are not pro-life by the definitions laid out in this blog? I mean, it’s one thing to say “life is a gift from God” to those who “do not find life to be worth living, on account of age, disease, failing abilities, mental anguish and other trials”, but it’s a completely different thing to actually show that you mean it.

    I can walk up to someone and say “I’m sorry that your 6 year old son has cancer and can’t afford insurance, but don’t worry, life is a gift from God.” and then immediately vote for a person who is “pro-life” but also opposes affordable health care. In that instance, no, you are not pro-life.

    I can tell the unwed other to be “that child’s life – both before and after birth – is a gift from God”, and then continue to support legislation that makes it harder for single mothers to make a living and raise a child. In that instance, no, you are not pro-life.

    I can tell a “person who just found out that his diagnosis is degenerative or terminal” that “it is good to talk to doctors, pastors, therapists and hospice workers”, but then go out and actively endorse candidates who would make the cost of said visits astronomically hard to afford.

    To use the term you used: none of these would “be in favor of life”.

    So, while you make the case that “pro-life” in the literal sense is not a political stance (I agree), the LC-MS has unfortunately taken an extremely diluted view of “pro-life” and turned it into the political definition which is “pro-birth”. In 90ish days, we as a country have the right and privilege of actually voting on what you just wrote about by determining the president, many senators and representatives, and quite a few governors. I hope people take what you just wrote to heart and remember that ALL lives matter, not just the unborn, and that often times, the most pro-choice positions tend to actually be the most pro-life.