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Framing the Day: Home Catechesis Made Simple

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  1. Philip Hoppe says:

    Thank Pr. Pauls. Pr Hoppe

  2. Jennifer says:

    This is a wonderfully encouraging article about a tremendously important thing!

  3. Janice Singleton says:

    Was this Pastor Tim Pauls at one time at Trinity Lutheran in Troy, Missouri when a student at Concordia Seminary?

  4. Debra Allen says:

    Thank you Pastor, this is one of the many reasons I chose to home school my daughter, we start our day with Luther’s Small Catechism, Bible reading, singing hymns and praying. And she enjoys it!! We do plan to have the Small Catechism memorized by the time she starts confirmation – with the Lord’s help!

  5. Sylvia C says:

    For prime members, Amazon music has the CPH catechism mentioned here for free.

    1. Paul Clark says:

      I didn’t know that! Thank you!

  6. Chelsea says:

    Find a Lutheran school in your area and you’ll have given your child the gift of centering their entire day around Christ. Lutheran education increases a child’s exposure to the Bible and strengthens their faith development when Christ is the center of the school!

  7. Greg Hasseldahl says:

    This is a noble work, seldom done.