‘Eyes of Life’ presents voice for life-issues discussion

By Kevin Armbrust

Eyes of Life is a new campaign to provide a positive voice in the discussion of life issues: life from conception to death — all in God’s time.

Eyes of Life is a conversation about life in a culture of death,” observes Deaconess Pam Nielsen, associate executive director of LCMS Communications. “Let’s see life the way our Lord sees life; and let our story reflect what we see. Life.”


At that site, hear from a number of people who provide their perspectives — all with eyes of life:

  •  parents who were encouraged to terminate a pregnancy, yet chose life. The grateful mother explains, “We want people to see the miracles God has done for us.”
  •  a teenage girl who was told to see her situation as a mistake and to find a friend in death, and yet she saw life and the gift of a child. She simply states, “God is always with me.”
  •  an orphan whose biological mother chose life over abortion, who says, “God made you and wants you to have life.”
  •  a stroke victim who can no longer fulfill his previous vocation, yet is far from useless and who proclaims, “God must have some blessing in this.”

Nielsen notes that Eyes of Life “is a way to speak for — rather than against — something. The lines of the life battle are full of vitriol and anger on all sides. What is needed is a positive voice for life. All life. Let’s celebrate life at every stage. Let’s support it. Let’s encourage it.”

What is your story? How has God taught you to see with eyes of life? How has God led you to value all life? How does your Baptism give you the eyes of life? How does the cross of Jesus bring you through the valley of the shadow of death to see that the very presence of Christ is your life? How does the resurrection of Jesus shape your life as one of hope and anticipation of eternal life?

Share your story. Write a brief account. Film a video. Post on social media with the hashtag eyesoflife (#eyesoflife). Post on eyesoflife.org.

On July 19, 22,200 teens and adults were invited to share their story at the 2016 LCMS Youth Gathering in New Orleans.

Erik Lunsford, managing photojournalist with LCMS Communications, introduced the Eyes of Life campaign to them with a short presentation encouraging all to share their story to proclaim life as a gift from God’s hands.

“I’m thankful to God for bringing us the people involved in Eyes of Life,” Lunsford comments on the launch of the campaign. “To hear their stories, tell their stories using pictures and introduce their stories before a dome full of faithful youth and adults has been extraordinary. I pray we change lives through their stories as they hear the Word of God and see how He works through people in His service.”

Singer/songwriter Erin Bode followed Lunsford’s presentation with the debut of her single, “Right from the Beginning,” which she wrote as part of the Eyes of Life campaign.

There is more to come at eyesoflife.org.

LCMS Sixth Vice-President Rev. Christopher Esget is preparing Bible studies focused around an “eyes of life” theme. And additional resources are being developed to assist others to tell their stories of life.


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Dr. Kevin Armbrust (kevin.armbrust@lcms.org) is manager of Editorial Services for LCMS Communications.

Posted August 31, 2016

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  1. October 26, 2016 at 8:12 pm #

    So excited to see this amazing effort on the part of our church to show a positive LIFE message. Hope is the voice we need to share with the despairing world.

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