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Do Not Be Conformed to This World

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  1. Jennifer says:

    “we…squint at them like they’re the ones with the problem, because they are.” I fully understand the metaphor, the meaning, and the aim. And because of the intended audience, I guess it’s a safe to use “shock” language. My heart hurts, though, with the Church’s attitude demonstrated here that the unbeliever, or different believer, is “a problem”. To be solved? Eradicated? Removed? Excluded? Met with shock and terror? Fled from? Left by the side of this metaphorical Mount Zion we are climbing to slide down while we keep on climbing on the righteous path, it would seem. I feel sad. And like a problem myself.

    1. THomas says:

      Jen you are never alone or by yourself you have the Precious Promises 🙂 I am with you always he said nothing can seperate you from my love . Problems you take them to the Lord in Prayer . Faith a gift . Keep His Word confessing forgiving . It seems so often we are on our own but truly as much as we feel we are we never are . Trust His Promise . 🙂 We all live in the World but we also must remember many have little or no understanding of the word of God . Keeping His word means we know it live it rely on it use it work it study it and give thanks for our quite time to contemplate it . These who know not the word are real fast to put up barriers judging demanding wanting us to conform . We simply must accept this and be in the Word . He said If you Love Me keep my word and you will live in me and We will live in You . Father Son and Holy Spirit . Never alone even when we feel we are . Prayer like the mustard seed can move the mountain and yes it often does . Remembering all things turn us to Christ and happen for our good . Grieve not tribulation for tribulation gives endurance and endurance hope through Jesus Christ Our Lord . To realize so many do not know the word is simply shocking as the audacity of the news and the new norms that surround us .

  2. Lisa says:

    Well said. Very well said.

  3. Jody Bevan says:

    Well said Rosie. I think that many of these start out as slippery slopes for us, and our culture. Then there is the cliff. These are philosophies, and attitudes that are a problem for anyone as these are attitudes that get in the way of living a full life like God wants for us.

    These are a problem for us as Christians. These attitudes are coming home to roost and affect us, our children, and grand children.

    When I was young nobody could imagine a Canada as it is now. Try raising your children with the word of God when the schools not only have sex education classes teaching all forms of sexual deviancy as normal, but also now the children can ‘identify’ as a different gender (and more than just male or female) and be automatically granted access to any washroom, or change room they wish. If others are bothered by this (i.e. your daughter having to change with boys), your daughter must leave. The message – it is her problem. Of course this does not end in the schools. It is in all public facilities, and private businesses.

    This is the cliff that the slippery slope has come to. This is just one example.

    25 years ago taking our kids out of the sex education class sent a message to the school, and our kids. Unfortunately we were the only parents in our school to do this. That was pretty much the story around our whole province. Therefore the progressives have steadily ramped up their agenda.

    Other agendas include abortion. This is especially easy for the progressives to ramp up because in Canada with Universal Health Care they can justify on ‘cost’ to the system that not aborting handicap children cost too much. The same for the care of the elderly. Already in Quebec there are death panels. The family has no say.

    Thank you Rosie Adle

  4. Greg says:

    If I love someone, I think I should tell them the truth. I can try my best to do it gently, but in the end truth is truth, and bad news is bad news. Oftentimes sugar-coating truth only makes the lie worse because the lies seem much more attractive. If I don’t tell the truth then I find myself siding with the father of lies!

  5. Joe says:

    Thanks for the imagery of seeing others walking down the different paths, it’s sad to think about but important for the believer to think on.

    However, I imagine the pharisee’s looking at those tax collectors with squinted, disgusted eyes as Jesus ate with them. I think our eyes reflect what’s on the heart and mind. Remember, people are sick with the problem of sin.

    John 1:14 says Jesus came from the Father, full of grace and truth. I imagine Jesus eye’s were kind and inviting to those tax collectors, then He spoke truth and the promises of grace and redemption.

    People will be attracted to the living God and His goodness. Let’s reflect Him. I don’t think squinted eyes will be very effective in bringing others closer to Christ. Let’s welcome them with grace, then allow the Spirit and His Word to speak truth to their sin-sick soul.