Official Notice: constitutional amendment approval (September 2016)

To All Member Congregations of the Synod:

The 66th Regular Convention of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (July 9-14, 2016, in Milwaukee) adopted resolutions that will, if ratified, amend the Constitution of the Synod. Article XV of the Constitution details the amendment process:

  • Amendments must not conflict with the provisions laid down in Articles II and VI of the Constitution.
  • Proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the Synod assembled in convention.
  • Each amendment must be voted on separately at the convention and must receive a favorable two-thirds majority of votes cast.

Those requirements were met in the case of the constitutional amendment resolutions adopted by the 2016 Synod convention. The approval process now continues:

  • Amendments adopted by the convention must be submitted to the congregations of the Synod by means of three announcements in the Synod’s official periodicals.
  • The amendments must be submitted directly to each voting congregation of the Synod on an official ballot provided by the Synod.
  • After taking official action on this matter, congregations must use the official ballot to cast their affirmative or negative votes, returning it to the Secretary of the Synod.
  • Amendments must receive a favorable two-thirds majority of all votes cast by congregations within six months of the date of the mailing of the ballots.

This first announcement informs the congregations of the Synod that the required official ballot will be mailed September 15, 2016. The ballot will provide information regarding the amendments and an opportunity to vote on each of the amendments. Congregations will be required to use official ballots to submit their affirmative or negative votes.

Ballots properly completed and received in the Office of the Secretary by March 15, 2017, will be tabulated, and amendments receiving a two-thirds majority affirmative vote will become effective on that date.

Raymond L. Hartwig, Secretary

Posted August 29, 2016

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2 Responses to Official Notice: constitutional amendment approval (September 2016)

  1. October 13, 2016 at 6:28 am #

    Is an electronic copy available? I would like to send out to our Voters for review prior to our meeting?

    • LCMS Church Information Center October 13, 2016 at 10:00 am #

      Thank you for your comment. This information is available from the Office of the Secretary of the Synod when you send an email to

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