Commissioned ministers to report info in a new way

The Church Worker Update (CWU) site, which was introduced in 2015 to all rostered church workers, has been enhanced this year for commissioned ministers. The improved version, available the first week of June, includes significant changes.

All commissioned ministers are asked to review their entire record by June 30 at (Thinkstock)

All commissioned ministers are asked to review their entire record by June 30 at (Thinkstock)

Many of those involved with LCMS educational ministries were previously asked to complete nearly identical online forms with both LCMS School Ministry and LCMS Rosters and Statistics. Under the guidance of the Council of Presidents’ Clergy Call and Roster Committee, these two methods have been combined into one website with one login.

In addition to providing updates to The Lutheran Annual and the Church Worker Locator, the information collected on the CWU website will be used by LCMS districts, congregations, schools and various calling bodies in a new system called the Commissioned Minister Information Form (CMIF). With this newly developed tool, scheduled for release on July 1, district offices will be able to manage the call process for commissioned ministers and assist call committees with finding suitable candidates for open positions.

The previous version, the Lutheran School Portal, was used primarily for commissioned ministers specializing in education. The CMIF, however, supports the searching for and calling of all commissioned ministers.

With the Council of Presidents’ decision to use the new CMIF tool to support the call process, it is imperative that all commissioned ministers keep their records up-to-date by logging in at least once a year and anytime throughout the year as they have changes.

An annual reminder will be emailed, or in limited cases mailed, from LCMS Rosters and Statistics. Any church worker who may have lost or forgotten his or her login information can follow the online helps at Those workers also may contact the Rosters and Statistics office at 888-843-5267 or

Commissioned ministers have until June 30 to make sure their information is complete and correct for the 2017 Lutheran Annual and for anyone searching for them on the new CMIF site starting July 1. Commissioned teachers and others who may have previously used the Lutheran School Portal will only have until June 30 to access their Lutheran Educator Information Form (commonly known as LEIF) and print or copy what is needed for the Church Worker Update site.

Posted June 1, 2016

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