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Church Life in Times of Difficulty

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  1. Avatar Dr. Albert E. Jabs says:

    I once was privileged to give three Gospel Sermons in a Sunday Morning….in an black American congregation. It was a revealed blessing to utilize Ephesians 6…spiritual powers versus demonic powers…and this was given right in the heart of Raleigh, N.C. Where I held forth as a professor and chair of a multicultural department…It was a clear blessing, and I might have said: “We do not have to go to dope to get hope, even on a slippery slope. ” I was both privileged and blessed with burdens… to have been a professor next to a Mosque, taught in Death Row prison, and had to deal with various disfunctional situations. Our Savior Lutheran church in Raleigh, was a kind of shelter in the heat of those deserts…which is another way of saying that our Lord will never forsake us…and we ought to pray that we not forsake Him. Allelujah. Dr. Albert Jabs

    1. Avatar Christine Weerts says:

      Beautiful. Thank you for your service, Dr. Jabs.