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Adam and . . . Lucy?

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  1. Avatar Ben H says:

    This is the misguided nonsense that will likely cause me to renounce my LCMS membership in the near future.

    First of all, even if you hold to an inerrant Bible, man’s interpretation of that Bible is often flawed. The Bible stands alone, but always must be interpreted, and that interpretation can be wrong. Just because the Bible may be inerrant does not mean that you can claim that your interpretation is inerrant.

    Secondly, the science is crystal clear. There is a strong consilience of evidence for evolution across multiple lines. The evidence is compelling to anybody that actually looks at it.

    Third, if you force me to choose between your interpretation of the Bible and science, I will choose the science.

  2. Avatar Johannes says:

    Even the Jewish writers of Genesis knew it’s an allegory. Genesis is about the creation of the human soul not the human body. You better read Saint Augustine.

  3. Avatar John J Flanagan says:

    Ben H, Science is not “crystal clear.” Any educated and serious scientist will acknowledge the weaknesses of Evolutionary teachings. Evolution is a hypothesis which even Darwin, in later years, considered a theory he could not fully support by facts, but he advanced it by bold and unverifiable assumptions. Consider the “Big Bang” theory. I once spoke with a physics professor, who was both a Lutheran(LCMS) and a Creationist concerning the Big Bang theory, and he noted that one of his colleagues who promoted this idea admitted to its’ illogical and flawed premise. The evidence for evolution is not so compelling as you assume, and it takes “faith” to believe it. My faith is in the Bible, and the Genesis view.

  4. Avatar Todd N. Wolf says:

    I’m so glad others are seeing this for the malarkey it is. Comparing the peer reviewed, continually questioned and refined process of the study of evolutionary biology to a Chinese myth is absurd and reductive.

    Secondarily, there is much evidence to support the timeline of Genisis being written during the Babylonian exile as a response to the Enûma Eliš.

    If their god(s) creation story is violent, ours is one of love and care. Publishing things like this is doing nothing for our witness to the world.

  5. Avatar John J Flanagan says:

    TODD: “Publishing things like this does nothing for our witness to the world.”
    For that matter, publishing the Bible, which some people repudiate as myth, and speaking about the Trinity, which many deny, can also be included with Genesis. Shall we avoid publishing the Gospel? There are many who want Christianity to be relegated to the dusty shelves of superstition and mythology, but we who believe cannot abandon our faith and our reverence for God’s word. The wisdom of the world will come to naught. Once you question the truth of the Genesis account, it becomes easy to take apart the rest of the Bible. This is why faith matters.

    1. Avatar Todd says:


      Even your response to me is reductive. My point is that when we use scripture as a science book, we shut out all other avenues of discussion. When the Pope claimed that Gallelio was in league with lucifer and jailed him for speaking truth in science, don’t you think he prayed? He knew the truth and could prove it.

      In the end, the church was wrong and failed to understand that while scripture is truth, it is not the only truth in the world.

      As an LCMS member, I sincerely hope that we stop acting as if the only truth that exists lies in these 66 books cobbled together over history. There is truth in them and I have faith in my risen savior, but it not the only truth.

      This type of publication only feeds a fear of science and discovery while turning our membership inward and away from discussion and intellectual advancement.