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To Rome with Love

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  1. Bernie Schaeffer says:

    An eloquent and meaningful message as usual, but the Roman leader Constantine, who in the name of God so mightily facilitated the transition of Christianity to the dominant religion of the Empire, might be more than a little perturbed to know that a message by a 21at century pastor” to Rome with Love” failed to even mention his name or offer a prayer of thanks for his contributions, along with Paul, as a notable patron of the Christian faith. Without Roman Emperor Constantine, President Harrison might well be employed today in an entirely different profession!

    1. Paula Kay says:

      True! Let us not sacrifice the messenger.

    2. ED WEED says:

      Check your history. There were two equal leaders of Rome at the time Constantine and his equal made the Christian religion a legal religion. Constantine eventually won the leadership to himself. Can you find the name of the other leader?

  2. Priscilla Greig says:

    So encouraging. ….one person at a time! Thanks and Blessings

  3. In a recent blog I wrote, “An Open Letter To The Persecuted Christians,” I reflected on how the persecuted church eventually became the official religion of its persecutor’s, Rome. What an amazing God we have! I enjoyed this piece. I hope to have the chance to visit some of the sites of our church’s founding fathers someday.

  4. Bernie Schaeffer says:

    Ed, are you thinking of Maxentius, Constantine’s brother-in-law and co-emperor at the time of a decisive battle for power,when Constantine fought behind the symbol of the cross?