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The Word of Christ vs. the Will of Man

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Comments (5)
  1. Steven Flo says:

    YES! Thank you Pastor Ries!!!

  2. Rev. Daniel A. Hinton says:

    Hear, hear! Well said, Pr. Ries.

  3. Dan Sheppard says:

    That was a well-written article…and right on!

  4. Richard Merschel says:

    One might see that this article forswears much of current outreach efforts – is that shocking in relation to Mathew 28?
    When we open our eyes and without prejudice observe how the typical church “shares the Gospel”: it reminds of a carefully constructed raised bed (the work space is firmly blocked-in.the church building, the precisely scheduled service, a well prepared, even instructed and confirmed, group of church members as listeners and worshipers.) I don’t see much of the sowers that cast the Good News out into the field as Jesus did. I must admit I see a lot of trust in the Lord making it grow, but is there much plowing, is there much watering? (!Cor 3:6) Maybe there is enough plowing and watering, I hope so.

    1. Harold says:

      A couple of observations, the sower in the parable can be viewed as the Holy Spirit planting the kingdom and us as the gardeners and harvesters.

      You have a good point, though, whether we are sowing, tending or reaping, we need to go out and do something. Actions are a great way to start. Our church growth has come from people seeing what we do for others out of love. These have come from the un-churched and other churches because they see we are different and that we have something and that, in church, we get something. Sooner or later, someone asks why – our works testify to our faith and it opens the door to start talking.

      It takes a lot of patience, persistence, and offering a wide variety of outreach opportunities to the congregation. Something catches on and you go with it. I can say that we have more people becoming active outside of worship, slowly, but it is happening.