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  1. Avatar Vince says:

    Very true, brother.

    May God have mercy on this nation for tolerating the evil of abortion. I pray that we have reached a turning point and will look back to God for forgiveness and cleansing. I pray that our hearts have not been hardened and desensitized. May God grant us repentance!

  2. Avatar Jason says:

    “To haggle like a street vendor over the sale of the organs of infants whose heads have been crushed to kill them displays a callous disregard for God’s law.”

    They continue to maintain that they were not seeking to profit from the “shipping and handling fees,” that they charged the researchers for harvesting, storing and shipping the harvested human organs. Though, anyone who has enough interest in this to watch large segments of the unedited videos can see that they are in fact haggling over these fees though also trying to be in step with the fees charged by other providers.

    I am pretty sure that Planned Parenthood is not actually making a profit, but I am confident that they are balancing their budgets off of this. That probably includes the salaries of staff we’ve seen interviewed.

    It is disturbing that the White House and U.S. Courts have made efforts to block further investigation into Planned Parenthood’s actions.