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  1. This is a very good read – I will post this on our Iowa District East International Lutheran Laymen’s League Blogpost and our Facebook page.

    We as LCMS Lutherans need to be able to remember the main points presented in this post. With the prevailing trend of falling away from corporate worship in America, it is important we know how to properly object to people chipping away at our right to practice our religion as we have for so many years in the past.

    Thank You for making this a terrific read for inquiring minds, it is through confidence of picking the proper wording will we maintain the separation of these two kingdoms, for our children and grandchildren.

    If we don’t like something about other religions or sects, it is our personal responsibility to present our Synod as a perhaps, better understanding of natural or moral law, the word of our Lord, and governmental legislation in our daily lives.

  2. Excellent piece characterizing the distinctions between the ‘ways of the Word of God’ and the ‘ways of the world’ in a governance construct!

    If we could ever come to the place of a deep dialogue across secular and religious lines–this would certainly be affirmed by all those who would take the time to sort out the texts and knowledge of man informed by the wisdom that arises through the Grace of our Creator and Lord.

    This all comes down to ‘application’ of truths informed through the natural interplay between man and God striving to govern life across many contexts. Thank you President Harrison for bringing forth the affirmation of one of our great ‘civil’ Presidents.

    Wouldn’t it be amazing for the LCMS to convene a ‘summit’ gathering of religious and civil leaders so to present to the world the essence of these truths–providing a strong context for the Disciples of Christ to serve and proclaim the Will of our God in Building both His Kingdom and our community.

    Executive Director
    Americans Building Community In the Name of Christ

    1. This would be a great year for a discussion like this. But who has the power and connections to make it happen before our next bigger election day?

  3. EXCELLENT article…very heady, informative (almost a course) so downloading to re-read and STUDY! Thank u!

  4. Avatar Carol Donaldson says:

    My mother [age 91] took an ELLIC [previously Elderhostel] class on the subject a year ago … the Instructor was a locally well known speaker … he stated …. The United States is the only Country which was established with a government decidedly based on Moral and Ethical Concerns. [All others were created after conquests of one sort or another. Some grew into governments which addressed morals and ethics. The United States was specifically created with a moral and ethical base.] The founding of the USA was not actually based on Judeo-Christian Principles, but on Moral Principles. God, but not openly the Christian God, per se. It is not Judeo-Christianity that is being attacked by liberals, but Morality in general. However the left (liberals) attack Christianity as a cover for their attack on Morals and Ethics. We should not concentrate on defending Judeo-Christianity but should actively and voraciously attack the left for their lack of Ethics and Morals. When confronting liberals give concrete examples of the immoral and unethical behavior of politicians and not equate this with any form of religion. Keep their actions and behaviors in the forefront for people to examine. Most people want their leaders to be Moral whether they’re Christian or not.

    Look at it as Renaissance rather than Reformation. Speak to morality rather than Christianity. Make the connection between moral behavior and immoral behavior rather than Christian and non-Christian. Don’t allow Alinsky Tactics to take the focus off the real issue:

    1. Avatar Rev. Kent G. Wartick says:

      Very good point! Well stated! Well taken!

  5. Avatar John Friedrichsmeyer says:

    Very good read. Today too many churches do not see the distinction between the 2 worlds we must live in. Instead they attempt to mix the profane with the holy either by using Jesus words to give credence to their political aspirations of “social justice” or by attempting to create a “New Israel” in which our founding fathers become modern day equivalents of Moses or King David. We need to be the voice of common sense and biblical truth.

  6. Avatar Bernie Schaeffer says:

    Excellent article. Meanwhile, has most moral progress as a whole the last century or two been the inspiration of biblical teachings and the power of faith or have science, reason, and secular government led the way and the organized Church eventually fallen in line? We can divide up the world any way we choose but real life does not always match our beliefs and expectations.

  7. Sorry to throw cold water on your thesis, but Jesus meant precisely what he said, and his words defy your misinterpretation. “Give Caesar what is Caesar’s/” means precisely that. And if you have nothing belonging to Caesar, give him that–viz., nothing. And to make his point clear, Jesus added, Give God what is God’s.” The Hebrew Scriptures by which Jesus consistently justified himself and his action is also unequivocal, for it says at least six times, as in Psalm 24:1, “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it,” which leaves nothing for poor old Caesar. Jesus was an adamant foe of taxation, as the gospels make clear.

    As for Paul’s Roman’s 13:1-7, if you fail to see that he was speaking ironocally, you must not know the state of the Roman empire and Roman authorities under Nero, who ruled at the time Paul wrote that pericope, probably to protect the bearer of his letter from the wrath of the Roman authorities as it travelled from Corinth to Rome entirely withing territory controlled by the Empire and subject to inspection at almost anytime by a nosey Roman administrator. The Christian community in Rome living under Nero’s thumb would not have been deceived, and would have realized his words were not to be taken at face value. If Paul wasn’t using irony, he would have to be declared stupid or dishonest in saying Nero’s taxes were used for anything other than Nero’s pleasure and to pay the thugs who worked for him persecuting Christians.