The Lutheran Witness

Equal Value in God’s Sight

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  1. Bernie Schaeffer says:

    I believe that the first test of a truly great man is his humility. I do not mean by humility, doubt of his own powers. But really great men have a curious feeling that the greatness is not in them but through them. And they see something divine in every other man.
    –John Ruskin

  2. Jeff Reseburg says:

    It is a wonderful blessing to be able to receive God’s gifts aided through our pastor’s public proclamation of God’s Means of Grace. The sanctification in our lives leads and compels us to be more than just be takers of these gifts but also enabler’s of them for our neighbor’s sake. I think of it this way. We lay people are like ballplayers who practice our skills so that some day we can play in the game. If we fail to make the right play in the game we continue to hone our skills back in practice with our coach and teammates. Justified, continually sanctified, upheld against the strain of being in the world and the beating the world gives by it’s lack of Christian love.